I though your guide is incomplete because you did not: H Edited August 14, by Hostilian. This test was for VMWare ‘Workstation’ though.. Posted August 12, edited. Currently i have a genuine Syno box looking at the unraid server but its old and really slow as its also doing the CCTV.

xpenology vm

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How can i specify my other storage and find that location? Posted May 9, After installation im not sure on this part, but I think I edited the XML again cm made cdrom xpenology iso to boot order 1 and the vdisks to boot order 2 and so on. Sorry, didn’t do any pictures, but if you know your way around Vmware, it won’t be an issue.

Posted August 21, I will do a youtube video on Monday on how to do it. The image is already installed doesn’t need to use.


Display as a link instead.

Install Xpenology DSM 6.1.x on Proxmox

Looking forward to a 1. It is used with Jun’s Loader 1. I have tried contacting the docker owner with no success i can get the iso to book but it just says SHELL and goes no further.

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To do so, you will need to have downloaded the package from the XPEnology website. Help with Linode — Dan Looks like Jun’s 6. Edited June 8, by Randall I had no problems getting this to run! Edited March 8 by Gvel.

xpenology vm

Display as a link instead. Yea I can do this, Now i know its fairly easy tbh.

Installing Synology VM on Proxmox

No probelm i appreciate your help. Open Package Center, then click the Settings button.

xpenology vm

Posted August 1, Hopefully this is of some use! Posted February 15 edited. Use the VMDK created above as it’s source. I would’ve never been able to get this working without their advice. Power off the VM and access the datastore that the VM is stored xpenokogy.


I have it working!!!!!

I second Pearsondk’s comment. I personally have updated without Issue.

Xpenology VM any one running this ? – VM Engine (KVM) – Unraid

You probably won’t need a CDRom drive either. I’ve tried several tutorials but yours is the one that worked straightforward, thanks! I though your guide is incomplete because you did not: If you are wanting the convenience of a NAS without the additional hardware, a convenient option for managing your files, remote file server etc.