The selected options will be reused at the next login. The content of the custom message that was received completely, unparsed. This maximum time Mailbox offer time is defined in the mailbox configuration. This email will be sent with the same ID as the original message, so that when there is a reply to the message, the original mail message will be popped up. New versions of the Web Client are automatically installed for all clients when performing a Web Client module update.

voxtron client

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Mails that are waiting for approval cannot be modified and mails that are being worked on by an agent cannot be modified. By clicking the Send also via email buttonthe fax can be sent to the e-mail address previously defined in CC80 Configuration Faxes. Click here for more details. If the type library was generated during registering it has to be specified also when the assembly is unregisterd. Status Depending on the contact type call, e-mail, fax, chat or business object the statuses can be: Together with the progress bar also the conversation time for the contact will be displayed.

You will have this button if the Allow forward to external checkbox in ERM91 Administration Mailboxestab page Email actions has been selected, and if clien corresponding check box in CC91 Users, Permissions has been selected.

To stop the wrap-up time you can also press the F8 function key. In the lower left corner, your phone status will be displayed. For faxes and objects you will only voxtdon able to use the Forward button if it has been enabled in the CC91 UsersPermissions or CC91 User templatesPermissions tab page. The call will be put in the Contact Center queue again and will be routed to an agent different from the one originally receiving the call.


voxtron client

Enter the following values: For example, when the user logged in successfully, an clifnt can be added to load a certain page with the following URL, where the user ID and access level are provided of the agent that logged in:. Automatically start this application when I log on to windows When you have selected this check box your client interface will automatically be started when you log in to windows, but you will still have to log on. If the agent then clicks on the Modify button, the draft content will be available for further editing or for deleting by clicking on the Delete button.

Initialize strHost,nPort Step 2: The possible display of customer ID, customer info, contact remarks, customer remarks and scratchpad information Notes is the same for all contact types.

Rollout of the Voxtron Client Bridge configuration

When you click on this button, the Voxtron SIP Phone will automatically call the configured voicemail number. You will only get to see the column “Other party” if this has been enabled in the Permissions tab page of CC80 Users. If it is an outbound call through the predictive dialing algorithmthe agent does not even have the opportunity to view the call before it being launched there is neither a Accept or Requeue button available.

Possibly, they can be filtered if the Filter edit field is completed.

Dashboard list in the Voxtron Client

Calling a number from the list can be done by double-clicking the item. By clicking on the column header of any column, the column will be sorted ascending or descending. Available for all events Profile The profile of the agent that logged on Available for all events Language The language of the agent vooxtron Available for all events CustomMessage The content of the custom message that was received completely, unparsed Custom Message CustomMessageSrc The identifier of the application sending the custom message, possible values are: New versions of the Web Client are automatically installed for all clients when performing a Web Client clkent update.


List of contact code ids separated by ; that came with the contact.

Missing resources This tab will only be shown if the contact in the waiting monitor is highlighted in yellow. In this tab only the call history of the customer within this specific campaign will be mentioned.

List of interaction types In the left corner of the client clienh window the interaction type contact type is visualized by an icon. Minimize the application to tray when closing When you have selected this check box default situationthe Goxtron Client will minimize to the tray when the close button in the upper right corner of the Voxtron Client is clicked.

Voxtron Client .NET & COM SDK

The list of parameters that is available is discussed below. Event s Possible events are: All the actions performed by an agent will be added to the history of this mail item and will be voxtro at any agents main window where the mail ends up with or when the mail is consulted via the Web Center.

voxtron client

Manages the complete contact center users, skills, contact codes, queues, teams, general settingsā€¦. Refer to page IV