You may also refer to the English Version of this knowledge base article for up-to-date information. Per the VDDK 5. Note that you must be logged in as an administrator or start the script with administrative privileges. Here, all virtual machines are identified and displayed. You are using Microsoft Internet Explorer! Disks are formatted using the Long Format setting. Any form of reproduction of the contents or parts of this manual is allowed only with the express written permission from SEP AG.

vddk 5.1.1

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Now before a new SEP sesam backup snapshot is created all possibly still existing old SEP sesam 51.1 snapshots are deleted. Tivoli Storage Manager Data Mover 6.

The modular structure of SEP sesam supports the “scale-out” principle. There all parts of the virtual machine that are going to be backed up are identified.

vddk 5.1.1

However, the software and its product documentation continue to use the Tivoli Storage Manager product name. This backward compatibility failure is due to changes in the getVM method between vSphere 5.

Archive:SEP sesam backup client for VMware vStorage API 4.4.1/4.4.2

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For more information please refer on this VMware Knowledge Base article: Here, all virtual machines 5.1. identified and displayed. Disks are formatted using the Long Format setting. The following diagram describes the structure and the operating principle for scalable LAN-free backup over SAN transport: Still-running vcdk are from the vCenter vmacore library and cannot be unloaded until the application finishes.

vddk 5.1.1

Installing the data mover on unsupported or untested operating system might work, but no support can be provided. After, data certainly flows in both directions. Disks are created with vmkfstools using the eagerzeroedthick format option.

Virtual Disk Development Kit – VMware {code}

To prevent this, the following things need to be checked. A fix has been identified and will appear in a future release. If change tracking is not enabled, it is unknown what has changed, so the entire virtual machine must be backed up each time, rather than 5.1 backing up changed data. We advise to use VDDK version 5.

Support Knowledge base To learn more about the rebranding transition, see http: Click the tab vCenter Access and add a vCenter credentials. Please provide additional feedback optional: You can select a location to which you want to add a new client from the drop-down list of configured locations. Please try again later or use one of the other support options on this page. Define the Client as Data Mover in the vCenter settings.


For thin provisioned disks 0 bytes will be reserved. With this steps the virtual machine must be turned off:.

How to Identify vStorage/vADP Environment Support?

Even with that fix, however, the threads will continue to run as before. From SEP sesam version 4. Diagnosing The Problem See the tables in “Resolving the problem” section for a mapping between the data mover version and VMware’s VDDK version and supported data mover operating systems. Search support or find a product: Yes No Rating submitted. The VDDK installation procedure differs according to the operating system.