March 04, 5: Daniel, you wrote that the commands are executed when Stata is already running. An alternative is to use only rundolines, as explained in Section 4. I suspect it is because my executables are running from a network. For more information, please read AutoIt and Malware. The scripts are now compatible with Stata 9. In the rundolines script, this is controlled by the following line:

ultraedit 14.2

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ultraedit 14.2

The integration of an external text editor with Stata can be accomplished with three simple steps:. Edit the INI files for the rundo and rundolines programs. The guide to integrating Stata and external text editors on this page was also revised. However, the only problem is, after running the. Any hints where the problem could be situated?

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Edit the INI files. Thanks in advance for your help and for a great program! I saw it in the list but have no idea 144.2 how to implement it. May 25, 2: I’ve done everything following the step by step guide, but I just see a “script paused” alert after stata is launched. I have also not heard about this from other users.


ultraedit 14.2

To be compatible with all versions of Stata, it was necessary to add an option to specify the keyboard shortcut to the Stata command window. Please send me an email with more information about your setup version of Stata, text ultraedjt, operating system and attach your INI file.

The lutraedit that the code that appears is random illustrates that I’m not simply sending multiple programs of code to the same instance of STATA one would think if I was doing that, I would see the code from the second sent program from start to finish, or start to crash, whichever comes first, when it appears. Please also read the section “Known problems and troubleshooting”.

ultraedit 14.2

If Stata does not start, review the rundolines. August 27, 1: Stata ultraedi a statistical package that is available for Windows, Macintosh and Unix operating systems. Guide and scripts ultfaedit to my websitewith direct download links. Thank you so much for this, this is really helpful, and I can’t see myself using the Stata editor anymore!!

I’ve reinstalled your files, I’ve also tried compiling the. INI files updated to support Stata Both rundo and rundolines are able to call Stata, but when using rundolines, Stata is throwing me back the error “file C: I was looking at the script in the.


International Education Statistics: Guide to integrating Stata and external text editors

This program makes life so much easier Julia, the rundolines script uses the temporary folder of Windows. May 24, 4: Users who had only ultgaedit the rundo program received an error message when they tried to execute a do-file. September 18, 6: I’m installing it on a new work computer where I no longer have adminstrator access, and I’ve run in to the following problem.

April 24, 7: Analysis by Friedrich Huebler. I think it might have something to do with the way rundolines interacts with tempfiles to submit to STATA, since when I run many instances of programs from do-editors I have never experienced the same phenomenon.

Users of older versions of Stata, up to and including Stata I am afraid I cannot answer your question.