Just unzip the downloaded file and put it a directory that is located under your web server. Publisher Description TrueBug PHP Obfuscator and PHP Encoder is for PHP application developers use to protect their source codes from modification, the Obfuscate functional will replace class, function, and variable names in PHP source codes with md5-hashes, making source code harder to understand and reverse engineering. The encoded scripts are To use this library you will need to run it in PHP 5. NET code protection and licensing Support for object oriented and non-object oriented programming style. It is compatible with PHP 5.

truebug php obfuscator

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Instead use this to get an idea of the TRUE size of projects by comparing the actual number of characters required to run obfuacator class – without long variable names, comments, or other added “fluff”. While this tool does not make PHP code impossible to read, it will make it significantly less legible.

truebug php obfuscator

Interested in programming since he was 14 years old, Carlos is the founder and author of most of the articles at Our Code World. This tool encrypts variables, constants, functions and class namestruebuh comments and formatting from your PHP code and encodes strings included in your code. Just click the green Download button above to start. Optionally you can pack the file content into ‘eval’ expression, to make the code harder to understand.


You may want, for any reason, that other people do not understand, modify, or adapt your software.

Different from other obfuscators, which often use a reversible eval based obfuscation, this tool actually parses PHP, and obfuscates variable names, methods, etc.

Support for object oriented and non-object oriented programming style.

Features srcProtector produces unreadable encrypted code – encrypts variables, functions, class names, constants and stringsremove comments and whitespaces. Fixed problem with single line comment ended with php closing tag. Basically, the obfuscation should completely alter the source code, however its functionality should be equivalent to the original code. Click stars to rate this APP! Just unzip the downloaded file and put it a directory that is located under your web server.

Having said all that, the tool works pretty well. This means is can not be reversed by tools such as UnPHP. It implements all known software protection techniques and obfuscation algorithms. It also changes whole structure of the code without performance decrease. Not easy readable by developers unless they are ready to spend lot of time.

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The output code will not be re-usable for most people, but dedicated user will always be able to guess what you are doing in most single functions. The encoded scripts are This means it “compiles” your PHP files by making them unreadable to a human. So it won’t be difficult to get started with any of these libraries. Possibility to preserve line breaks to track errors.


truebug php obfuscator

Do not use this to speed up your PHP by compacting it. You just have to download the zip archive and uncompress it under the PHP-Parser subdirectory, or make a git clone.

Simple to use – just pick files, check settings and run the encoder through the application GUI.

Truebug : TrueBug PHP Obfuscator & Encoder

The encrypting algorithm is very safe and maintains compatibility for most of applications. No special requirements of encoded applications.

truebug php obfuscator

The configuration is easy and the maintainer has added some comments, fixed some stuff that was not working for him and that’s it. When you have a php project you want to distribute, as php is a script interpretor, you distribute also all the sources of your software.

TrueBug PHP Obfuscator

This is not meant to be bullet proof. Fortunately, there are techniques that allow you tuebug prevent this situation from happening, the most known is the area of obfuscation.

It is made for your PHP applications if you do not wish to reveal your code to the user. I will come for you.