All owners of GPS units have a clear advantage because of the simple data exchange procedure and the excellent management of their GPS data. Software for the serious traveler and map maker. One of our excellent sponsors is Touratech. The map below is tracking the current tour or expedition that we have underway. What Time Is It?

touratech qv4

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touratech qv4

Each time you visit or refresh this webpage, the position file is “fetched” from Touratech’s server, and new position fixes the yellow “dots” you see in the image below are added and displayed. Compare several tracks, laps or training runs at a glance. Touratech comes with worldwide overview maps.

Journal Satellite Tracking Chapter. An extensive range of maps is available separately.

Touratech QV 4

In thinking about ways to make the Live! In order to reduce redundant data, a position fix is only sent if the motorcycle is actually moving, nothing is sent when the bike is parked.

Where can improvements still be made?

You can click and hold on the map and drag it to pan around. Compatibility with GPS-receivers of leading manufacturers Unexcelled range of compatible maps Comfortable route planing and easy upload to your GPS unit Integrated geographic database with 5 million entries Perfect orientation due to Multi-Plotting in several map windows Organisation of all data in a professional data base NAVTEQ on board: Try selecting the Satellite view or the Terrain view.


If no tour is currently in progress, the map will show the last position and track of the most recently completed tour.

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touratech qv4

Should you have any problems, send us email by clicking here. If this is what you are looking for have a closer look at Touratech QV! What Time Is It? The functionality is unbeatable, particularly in countries where traditional GPS units do not offer any map material or different maps are necessary for optimum orientation.

The map and tools are easy to use and if you click on EarthTools you will launch their site and be presented with the map centered on Japan – our first tour for If you would like to know what the local time and date are for any location on the face of the earth check out www.

Trip planning with automatic calculation of the route or altitude profile and upload to your GPS unit!


You can even change map views. There is a comprehensive Wikipedia tkuratech on GPS. Instead, each has a Garmin portable GPS receiver, loaded with maps and waypoints that we have logged on pre-runs or previous tours.


We have completely modified the GPS-Online-mode for a very simple off-road and street navigation! Closeup of the DMRD at home on a pannier. All owners of GPS units have a clear advantage because of the tokratech data exchange procedure and the excellent management of their GPS data.

Interface to Google-Earth Load waypoints, tracks, routes and even map sections perfectly into Google Earth! A Safe Unsubscribe link is included at the bottom of every one so that you may terminate your subscription at any time.

Optionally, Touratech QV will provide voice-guided navigation and will display traffic jams directly on the map screen this will require a compatible GPS-receiver.

touratech qv4

Who was fastest where? And these are the highlights: Journals 10 Years on 2 Wheels.

Touratech Software

It shows the track-to-date and current position of the group. For Email Marketing you can trust.

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