It comes out in October of this year and while I await for that one I will reread the rest of her books now that I have a taste of the stories again in my mind. S I’m so incredibly biased towards Tamora Pierce’s work in general – and her Tortall books in particular – that I almost feel like writing this review is disingenuous. No trivia or quizzes yet. The Immortals Quartet is one of my favorite series, and it was great to see Kitten’s perspective on the world around her. They are about coming of age, about learning to trust and believe in yourself, about learning to find your own way, about bravery, and of course While it feels very much a short story, I would enjoy seeing more of this character and this world.

tortall and other lands a collection of tales

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A young shepherd rescues a helpless lizard-bird-creature from becoming an eagle’s snack and tries to heal it of its wounds–but what type of creature is it? This is a book I would have loved as a girl growing up. Huntress is a story told by Taless, a young woman whose family believes in a strange religion ruled by a goddess. However, it does put me in a good position to tell you that no familiarity of those last two quartets or indeed, any of Pierce’s books is needed to thoroughly enjoy this collection of stories.

My favourite of the bunch is probably “Student of Ostriches,” which gives us some more info on the Shang Unicorn though imo she would have been way more awesome as the Shang Ostrich.

Oh, and, sneak peak for Mastiff. Collected here for the first time are all of the tales from the land of Tortall, featuring both previously unknown characters as well as old hortall. A Hero’s Compulsion” co-written with Tim, collectiin a short story anthology co-editing credit. Lengthy descriptions of giving birth?


tortall and other lands a collection of tales

It was also perfectly suited to its length, in terms of the characters and the way they lanes developed, and the ending was totally satisfying. I particularly enjoyed the story of Nawat learning how to raise human children and the autobiographical story from Tamora Pierce at the end.

Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales

The narrator desperately wants to be part of the cool kids’ collrction at her high school, but discovers that the price of acceptance is one she’s not willing to pay. For this, however, all of the stories were new to me. And the ones that were, well As usual with a collection, some resonate more than others.

There are also two stories that take place in modern time and real places, rather than the fantasy snd of Tortall. In the next story, something of a sequel, we see the opposing point of view, handled deftly and sensitively.

A Collection of Tales is a selection of ten short stories from Tamora Pierce. A few other characters flit in and out of mention – a Shang dragon, Numair a number of timesNawat the crow man whose story I was not at all familiar with making his “tale” a struggle to get through one of my least favourites. Folks who have read all the Tortall books will no doubt recognize some familiar characters – I didn’t, needless to say.

I had a real hard time with the tales that were clearly a critique of veils; this issue is really complex and it is troubling to take it on so simplistically from a western point of view. They are about coming of age, about learning to trust and believe in yourself, about learning to find your own way, about bravery, and of course Why isn’t Mastiff out yet?

It was also nice to see a central female character who was feminine as well as strong, and worked within the bounds of her culture to exercise that strength, since her protagonists are more often cast in opposition to their societies. Say what you like about Tammy Pierce’s worldbuilding, I think she does a good thing by incorporating non-European medieval culture into her own fictional countries.


So no, I doubt the darkings are meant to be a homage to any one particular author. Also by Tamora Pierce. Based in the savannah outside of the Tortall kingdom with a Shang warrior making his presence known in the last third of the story.

These stories are about obscure side characters, but certain main characters colldction the Tortall universe do also show up. Numair, a very powerful mage, changes and enemy lnds a tree but the magical price is that a tree becomes a man a world away from him.

tortall and other lands a collection of tales

A Collection of Tales. I count myself among Pierce’s fans, and fully admit to suggesting her work to many people when they ask for reading recommendations for their children or themselves. This was just a great lannds of stories.

Table of Contents: Tortall and other lands : a collection of tales / Tamora Pierce.

Aug 17, Allison rated it it was amazing. She ends up fighting for her life, and calls on the Goddess to help her. In one story she has a character who hates talez requirement of a veil. The knowledge is given that halfway around the world there would be a tree who all of a sudden was a man to keep the balance of nature.

tortall and other lands a collection of tales