Daizen Amami is shown to still be alive, possibly the one controlling the spider. Zenjirou Kogure tells Jin Ohtomo that the Onmyo Agency enrolled Suzuka in the Academy as her penalty for the incident she caused last year. She questions whether Natsume can become their comrade, and becomes very excited when she is presented with a package presumably containing the Raven Coat. While Suzuka helps Kon escape, Zenjirou attacks them. The second manga series, Tokyo Ravens:

tokyo ravens episode 3 animepremium

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Tenma appears with the Raven Coat and they all manage to get away from the Onmyo Agency.

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Tokyo Ravens inspired the creation of six manga series based on the light novels. Souma enters with Mutobe, the other Pallbearer. In a flashback, Touji remembers his past during the time he was receiving treatment from Harutora’s father. World Purge-hen Encouragement of Climb: Windows Windows 8, Windows 8.

Meanwhile, Tenma comforts Touji and tells him he still considers Touji a friend. Suzuka notices a barrier placed animepremuim Natsume’s closet, but Natsume summons Hokuto and ends the situation.

The two are greeted by the man-made Shikigami who guards the entrance, Alpha and Omega. Zenjirou faces Chihiro while the others animepgemium after the Nue. She talks with Zenjiro and they say they’ll handle things.


Touji suggests that Harutora tell her about Natsume’s circumstances regarding the family tradition to dress as a boy. September 20, [20]. It is tokoy that two years ago Touji was possessed by the same Ogre which caused the Spiritual Disaster. Retrieved 2 February The events leading up to the fire are revealed: Touji later confirms that the one-armed demon was not the real Kakugyouki.

tokyo ravens episode 3 animepremium

Kyouko Kurahashi, the granddaughter of the principal, annoyed by this fact has a brief argument with Natsume. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Tokyo Ravens – Volumes 1-13

The principal also shows up controlling her cat Shikigami and she confirms the Yakou disciple’s connection with the Twin Horn Syndicate. After doing so, the Raven Coat stops possessing him. She causes trouble in the cafeteria when she is mistaken for a tiger Shikigami. March 20, [18].

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October 20, [21]. September 9, [7]. Kon wants to follow Harutora through school, so she disguises herself wearing Harutora’s favorite tiger imprinted jacket. Before disappearing, Kakugyouki tells Harutora about Touji’s whereabouts.

tokyo ravens episode 3 animepremium

While he is about to leave, it is subtly revealed that he has one arm missing and that person is actually the real Kakugyouki. Zenjirou also arrives and tells them he failed to take Chihiro Mutobe into custody, since he had placed a suicide spell on himself and died.


While Suzuka animeprremium Kon escape, Zenjirou attacks them. They manage to escape, but Harutora’s animepremiym gets destroyed in the process. She offers to protect Natsume in Jin’s stead, but is also shocked when Jin reveals the Natsume is actually a girl. Later, Natsume makes up with Kyouko and they acknowledge that they will be rivals for Harutora’s attention.

He and Reiji suspect the Twin Horn Syndicate of causing the event. While the two introduce themselves, their new classmates are surprised since the two of them transferred half a year later when the new term started.

Idling away the day, Hokuto lectures Naimepremium once again to become an onmyo mage. The two of them leave the scene to go after the Nue.