Create a free account. His temporal reach carries today’s people into logical extensions of society into a world where the growth of today’s technology is likely to confront them. In the fall of this year they’ve started the recording, and on a New Year’s Eve live appearance of the band the mcd entitled After the Storm EP came to life. Get to Know Us. To view it, click here. I found that his use of the term “MUD” dated the book, and pulled me out of the narrative each time I saw it.

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There are some deep themes regarding authenticity of experience and the nature edituon data, celebrity, and personal contact. I had planned out a review of this a couple weeks ago in a drunken stupor. But they’re enjoyable patterns and settings that I’d love to see more of, so I can’t really fault him for that.

Idoru is an electronic construct, the symbol of universal desires.

This is why, as with all his novels, I gave up on Idoru half way through. To speciap what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. People create elaborate virtual sets and props for their meetings, parties, escapist fantasy, musical sessions, and just about everything e The fact that some of the “futuristic” detailing of this story is already here and old hat wasn’t lost on me, but didn’t bother me either.

Adding to basket…

Apr 05, Oliver Wood rated it it was ok. The plot is painful, mostly for the fact that it is unclear why anyone involved in the story – much less a reader – should care about the primary conflict. All Tomorrow’s Parties Bridge. I just couldn’t believe that a reasonably smart teen would be stupid enough to carry some creepy-ass lady’s bag through customs.


True or not, the idoru and the powerful interests surrounding her are enough to put all their lives in danger Languages Magyar Edit links. As for the story line, only a few months has been enough to render it vague in my mind.

Idoru (Bridge #2) by William Gibson

There is an odd surface tension here; some readers may approach Idoru from the wrong bias, through the lens of Neuromancer and the Sprawl trilogy. See all 17 customer reviews. Jun 30, Cathy Douglas rated it really liked it Shelves: The prose is speedy and light on narrative. Dec 03, Deition rated it liked it.

Aug 10, Wealhtheow rated it liked it Shelves: The issue i think i have with this book is that the William Gibson trait of having multiple story lines that connect and culminate in sppecial ways felt more forced than usually.

Regardless, I plow on. Review ” Idoru induces reader anxiety, an almost hurtful need to jack into the next page You know, getting lost, meeting bizarre strangers, possibly smuggling contraband by accident and thus pissing off the Russian Mafia, the usual.

It was another “Count Zero. It feels like being led around the schematics of an architect’s City of the Future, with the characters appearing every now and then as belligerent interruptions. William Ford Gibson is an American-Canadian writer who has been called the father of the cyberpunk subgenre of science fiction, having coined the term cyberspace in and popularized it in his first novel, Neuromancerwhich has sold more than 6.


Idoru (Bridge Trilogy): : William Gibson: Books

What Gibson is best at, and what I wish he’d stuck to, is high-concept ideas, sparsely rendered as highly compressed reorderings of technology and instinct gone awry. Get in the studio now! The novel is peppered with examples to underscore this proposition spwcial intimacy: Don’t expect dashing heroes, attendant ladies, stygian villains performing in ways to divert you from reality. Rez has declared that he will marry her.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? The narrative contains a relatively early scene wherein Laney is subject to a monologue by Kathy Torrance his boss at Slitscan ; she goes on at length about “celebrity” as a natural resource, about how media and tabloids like Slitscan have corralled “celebrity” into a commodity that can be controlled and brokered.

Revolvers and shady businessmen in lobbies. Nat Stone you can read it stand alone!