Written by Waylon O’Day. I love the people, the shitty weather, the city, the venues all of it. I started up playing Piano young, tried guitar, just always had a passion for it even before I got into rap. Tedy Andreas [Official Audio] Prod. Trying to stay positive n shit. The song itself was produced by VHS.

tedy andreas any minute now

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My older Brother was probably one of the biggest music lovers in the world too.

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Tedy Andreas – “Diamonds” Video. So I guess it just made me rhyme more East-Coast like with a southern twang to it. Noww had the crowd rocking from left to right with performing like Moon Walkin, City Limits, and the fan favorite Mercedes.

Want to see more posts tagged tedy andreas? The ones I named i Guess would be my biggest inspirations. We formed this on our own I guess its just our sound now. So you first broke out onto the scene with Origami Prophets, a rap duo including yourself and Notorious B. Tedy Wndreas is becoming a name within the industry, his…. I guess she inspired me without me even knowing.


We had a chance to speak to the Texas by the Los Angeles artist about his influences, his path to success, the love for Houston he has and more. Managed by former 50 Cent handler and successful executive Sha Money XL, Tedy continues to prove his worth with stellar releases and a fast-growing popularity.

Tedy Andreas lyrics

Trying to stay positive n shit. Do you feel as though that relationship helped jumpstart your music career? We have amazing chemistry in the studio. Log in Sign up.

Tedy Andreas – Mad Illusions

When I was young I heard a mix of everything playing loud everyday in the house. But minufe the end it definetley got my foot somewhat in the door.

Andras think could be the year these two really create waves across the US. Lani Christ by WhyJae lil Ferrari soundcloud. Written by Greg Harris.

tedy andreas any minute now

Beathead style sound, guys like Knxwledge. That whole situation I feel was misunderstood by almost everybody.

tedy andreas any minute now

I knew it was gonna be my life someday. The anxreas act had his fans singing the smash single word for word and the youth of the city rocking with him heavy in full effect. The Coolest Screw Loose: It just happened naturally and I love it.


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Peace God Tedy Andreas. The Other Guys – ft.

Kill They Kno – Tedy Andreas. I get more influence from the East Coast but its a cool mix with being from the south at the amdreas time. He looked out for me by putting me in a position to win years ago and everything has sort of been a slow domino effect since then.

Andrdas, you have adopted aspects of all three of these cities. My mom was an avid music listener. Which city do you identify with the most? Follow Tedy here and here.

tedy andreas any minute now

The song itself was produced by VHS.