If that is the case then it should really show 1GB as promised by Cube. Can’t wait to upgrade mine. See the screenshots made running CPU-Z. Is any one know how to delete china apps from a10hd teclast i have put new software yesterday and try to delete some of the aps using SUE and similar programs but did not get any ware i be grateful if some one can explain step by step how to do it thanks. So my presentation brings me here to try to unlock my Ampe A10, A31 tablet wich won’t wake up after an auto update, if you can help, please reply my 2nd threat Allwinner A31! I believe it is a software

teclast a10hd firmware

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teclast a10hd firmware

Now the tablet turn on but the screen doesn’t works. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. You will need Google. Actually it cant be dead because there’s no image or light telcast the screen but the red led near the charger is on, only if i press power about 10 seconds it’ll shut down and that led turns off.


My tablet just started to go crazy, it starts opening things by its own as if I was touching the screen. In the A31 user manual, it is mentioned “CSI0 module supports p30 using soc cmos sensor with yuv format”.

teclast a10hd firmware

Please make sure you are checking the “RAM size” and not the “Memory size”! Posted 15 August – I have discovered that different. I wonder if you could give me any feclast. Browse All Articles 43 Articles. Posted 29 August – The A10HD’s firmware contains boot pictures in boot.

Allwinner A31 Based

You can find this f. Create a new firmware.

Hi, has anybody firmwwre able to download a firmware? I need the firmware for teclast x98 air ii but not able to download it from Baidu.

[TOOL] imgRePacker (LiveSuit’s & PhoenixSuit’s firmware images unpacker/packer)

If the information is correct, then in the middle of this year, we will see tablets with 7 — and inch screen and smart phone from NVIDIA. The thing is I’m not Posted 10 December – Are you the publisher? Flash the firmware with PhoenixSuit.


Retina Screen x pixelsCPU: Anyway, the ampe firmware screenshots look like a lot better looking system, plus maybe a lot of stability updates.

Alex Batista Diaz wrote: This may damage the device. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog.

Its board is a ATA v1. No amount of factory reset has helped.

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Edited by pogodancer, 25 September – I try with others roms and as i expect doesn’t work well, i load them with livesuit. Any help would be appreciated. This tablet is great, but I have two questions.

teclast a10hd firmware

This is the original firmware for the Nova 10 a31 tablet that is Version 2. One can assume that it will add cost to the device; otherwise the interest of users may not meet the expectations of manufacturers.

At this time, the manufacturer has posted photos showing that the network operating system user interface is quite easy to gain popularity.