The “fid” is equal to -1 which I do not understand when the error occurs. Note that relative file paths are most likely not supported and you need to specify a full path to the file. I would like to work with pieces of the data at a time. I tried to open my large data file with: On that page there could be a short description about the format along with the various solutions that people have offered.

tdms file viewer

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Choose a web site to get translated content where available and see local events and offers. Thanks for your work and attention.

TDMS File Viewer

Thanks a lot for the clarification. Jonathan Currie Jonathan Currie view profile.

You can probably get around this by writing code to split the TDM file into multiple smaller files or create your own Excel converter VI that would place channels per tab.

Is there perhaps a way to have a little more control when using the import from VBA, it always seems to open in a new workbook. The current version of the TDM Excel Add-in works with Vieewr versions ” and higher”, which includes version and – and includes support for Excel bit.


I installed this plug in excel – works well it does not show up in excel – I can not access my tdms files. More details can be found in the version info file. Note that relative file paths are most likely not supported and you need to specify a full path to the file.

Another item on my wishlist is to have a startingoffset and a decimator for specific channels. I tried a lot the last week, changed files, etc etc no Chance to get it running.

tdms file viewer

Perhaps that is due to working with the tdms file and not the index file. Joacim Joacim view profile. Hello Jim, First thanks very much for all your work creating these useful functions.

TDMS File Viewer | DMC, Inc.

Following is my main code and still some error,could you give me some advice. Thanks guys for letting me know you had a problem so I could improve the code. Kadir Kadir view profile. The tdms importer limits you to the old 65, rows and doesnt allow the new limits! I hoped it was fixed by now!!! The files are being written by an autonomous data logger VI. Excel can handle it.

Opening a TDMS File

Not sure why the mismatch here. Hi Jim, Thanks for your job. Tdmz read a lot of files and we occasionally see an error with the following format: If there was a special group property you could set that would disable this application from loading the image data then it would stop excel from loading massive amounts of data. Fixed a bug in which an error check I had in place was incorrectly being thrown.


Wolfgang Send Wolfgang Send view profile.

tdms file viewer

Installation is not possible. The file is intact in that it can open in the Excel reader. This is a proprietary format that NI has not released the specs for. The format of that type of data is not specified by NI even after I requested it. I’m getting the same errors. I thought for sure NI would be rolling out a driver for v2 but after enough waiting I decided to create my own version.

You are more than welcome to send me files usually via a link to download that cause this problem and I’ll see if I can update the code somehow.