If I called for you – would you return to my side? I made my own withouth comparing first, when I compared I found the similarity though they’re from two different languages. Saturday 27 July Thursday 9 May Monday 15 July Tuesday 30 April View all albums by this artist.

supercell yakusoku wo shiyou

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Sunday 9 June Wednesday 24 April I’ll be sure to credit you back. Monday 26 August Artist images 2 more.

instrumental Supercell 【約束をしよう】 Yakusoku wo Shiyou – karaoke

Recent Entries Archive Friends Profile minacchi. Such a sad, sad song.

supercell yakusoku wo shiyou

A sad, beautiful song I know this is a late reply, but sure, go aheadl, sjiyou is all I ask for. Moshimo haguretara Sono toki wa chanto sagashite yo Kono hiroi sekai de futari Maru de maigo mitai da ne Tashikameru you ni dakishimeatte Kisu wo….

supercell – Yakusoku wo Shiyou Lyrics

Thursday 25 April If we promised to go without eachother Could we try…just for one final time? It would be better if you hurry up and forget about me.


Thursday 5 September I still don’t know what words to say to you. Tuesday 2 April Anonymous on December 13th, Yakusoku wo Shiyou Supercell.

[Lyrics + Translation] Supercell: Yakusoku wo Shiyou – — LiveJournal

I might be using this for the karaoke-type vid i’m planning to make. Tuesday 4 June View all trending tracks. Saturday 29 June Monday 22 April Our highlights from Reading Festivalfrom rock and roll to getting rickrolled Fest.

supercell yakusoku wo shiyou

Monday 19 August shiyoj Yep, your first comment was indeed sent, but anonymous comments were screened, so it initially wasn’t visible. Tuesday 24 September Saturday 27 July Tuesday 30 July Monday 15 July If I called for you – would you be by my side?

Anyway, just wanna say thank you for the superb translation. Just to make sure, we embrace each other.

supercell yakusoku wo shiyou

Wednesday 28 August So, can we promise one more time? Sunday 2 June