How to i find the path to a package that was installed. I have the Solaris 10 CDs. I start with jpg images that are pretty big. Solaris packages and installation query. Solaris installation program exited. These are old servers, so not sure, when and how these were build.


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I also can effectively search [More]. I have tired to install flar with pkgadd command from SUNWinst package which i. They show here – under Export or Save as I mean, I have a flar image which contains sol10 OS and I wanted to use it as zone on other sol10 system. Not very helpful to say the least. I have added the file of patterns to a sunwinsh and created an iterator to grab each pattern successively. The Operating sunwindt installation files are on 4 CD’s.


Can any one tell me please can I go without t [More]. If I take the CD out during the 1st reboot, then it cannot continue Page 2 of 2.


Solaris installation program exited. I have been going to Print Video but when recording starts all I get is blue footage on the camera.


My grep yeilds a huge output however i do see the bzip2 package install location. I’m trying to upgrade my SUN V from solaris 9 to solaris I didnt get these packages from Sun freeware site.

It backsup my sunwunst but errors out when it is loading the software. Hello guys, I am trying to install oracle grid infrastructure These packages are not present in Solaris U7. Seems to read the flar file and go through the upgrade and then come up with this error.

Here is my task at hand. I have the Solaris 10 CDs. We have a central repository in which we retrieve our packages. Solaris packages and installation query. Solaris packages for Oracle grid infrastructure installation.

Solaris packages and installation query – Page 2

I am downloading sol8’s iso now. Cygwin packages installation page. Find all posts by fpmurphy. Now my Itunes library sunwins no longer available? I apparently forgot to include Solaris Make in the install and now need to add it.


Solaris 10 (sparc) : 124630-42

But flar has not been included to the system installation when it installed. Goal is to use several patterns from one file to search for matches in a second file, one pattern at a time.

I need Solaris Make for Solaris 8. Hi, I need sqlplus sunwnist a solaris 32bits platform, but following this page http: Now, there is a big push from application View Public Profile for fpmurphy.


Hi, I am working on flar images and i have to get a flar image from existing solaris 8 system. Won’t export to camera.