You can use original Starcraft Map Editor and use scmconvert application which convert original Starcraft Map for Stargus. Copy the extracted folder to the roms directory, adding a “. Install Stargus Install details for platforms are found here: I downloaded and installed stargus and stratagus on my n I have the same problem. Since Campaigns don’t work, would it be possible not to extract those? Only need two votes.

stargus data

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The game looks and sounds exactly like Warcraft II. See Updates section on http: If i start a single player game then the map “none” is selected and cannot change. Also other than warcraft and starcraft are there any rts games for stratgus? Launchpad support RSS announcement.

I downloaded and installed daha and stratagus on my n They will be extracted to: All graphics settings are done in-game. Only need two votes. Few problems with that method; 1 the FAT partition does not allow characters like ‘? Now Stargus is ported and work on Nokia N too.

stargus data

No such file or directory I would be great if i could play starcraft: I am not an expert but all the files have to be extracted out of the Starcraft directories and they expand to take up a good amount of space so that Stratagus can run.


First you need to move old directory to MyDocs and then creating symlink.

stargus data

You can get the extraction tools from https: How come in single player the resources crystals and gas are always 50, even when set to low? It loads the default menu successfully with sounds but would starghs load any Scenarios.

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Since Campaigns don’t work, would it be possible not to extract those? Connect your N via USB with a uhh, shiver: Hi, im new to this Forum.

There is still problem with Maemo repositories. Table of contents Emulator: So I decide to manually deleted the whole ‘stratagus’ folder.

Remastered installer from Blizzard and install the game from it, as it will provide the files you need, usually to “C: I only get this after installation http: Now I have no idea how I could fix this problem and get the stargus run on my N again.: That’s what I am trying, it’s telling me I don’t have Stratagus installed which I do of course Please post a step by step list of what you did and the EXACT error message s so that we can help you better.



When I play on a custom scenario, with map of x, and make save during game I can’t load it later. But I do not have time to create Map Editor in Stargus.

Stargus is a Starcraft Mod that allows you to play Starcraft with the Stratagus engine.

After you’ve added you files into the stratagus rom folder, the folder names appear in the selection UI and you can start them from there directly. Original Starcraft I needs CD to run.

stargus data

And you must run these commands as root not as user. This is much better than the original Staragus 0. As far as I played campaigns they worked perfectly, maybe because they aren’t that big. But I will write to this thread too: