Since patchslamit pinball patch 1. Almost like the real deal. The targets are naturally all kept in theme. These are great to show off how cool the table looks in all its 3D glory, but are not necessarily suited for serious gameplay. I solve this problem, patch game to version 1. The Bottom LineI can unreservedly recommend this game to anyone who ever enjoyed a pinball game, or likes to play real tables. When you register for an account at the official site’s forums, you will choose a unique player name.

slamit pinball patch 1.2

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It achieves or even surpasses the visual quality of the Pro Pinball games, pinbaol being not pre-rendered but in real-time 3D. Lavreng View Profile View Posts. You might want to hook up an old keyboard if you’re known to get really caught in the action, but one thing’s for sure: The start menu bar was fixed by going back into the game.

Absolutely with you it agree.

slamit pinball patch 1.2

When I use it first time, the game crash and cease some Windows function. More annoying though is name entry.


Most notably, the menu controls are somewhat counter-intuitive. For downloading the patch you need to register first. I guess others will have some trouble with that as well.

Originally posted by Chronon:. Originally posted by Darth Sidious PT:. Fixed bugs in version 1.

Slamit Pinball Big Score Patch

pinnall Together with the fact that everything else that makes up a pinball game has been executed close to perfection, and that it sells for a ridiculously low price, it’s hard to find a reason not to give it a try. Big Score version 1.

slamit pinball patch 1.2

October 14, — Big Ne is outdated v. Last edited by Chronon ; Jul 30, 1: I’m a pretty average pinball player, and I’m sure there’s much that I still haven’t discovered yet, but from what I could see there are a lot of missions to choose from and accomplish.

Blinkdog View Profile View Posts. A couple of times already I have quit the game when I just wanted to resume play, and I seem to be unable to learn that I have to press another key. You’ve got several camera modes and positions to choose from. I si this when pztch first came out.


Jul 22, – Pas: Voyage slamit pinball patch 1. In case you don’t know, the Steam version of SlamIt Pinball: The fantastic action will voyage you breathless and will. Chronon View Profile View Posts.

Slamit pinball patch

You will just have to be a little considerate in what areas of the keyboard you mash to a pulp. I suggest to take out for the general discussion.

Oh, I tried unpatched and it also turned off my task manager says it was patcb off by administrator. For downloading the patch you need to register first. Almost like the amie voyage. The latest Arrondissement can’t be downloaded from. Fixed bugs in version 1.

slamit pinball patch 1.2