NextGIS Mobile documentation 4. How to change the homepage address 1. You can download the installers from the QGIS download page. Created using Sphinx 1. How to export data 1.

qgis 1.8.1

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You can choose where to install QGIS in your system by selecting the appropriate qgi using the Browse button. We accept the default for now by hitting Next. A new finder window will open.

Debian — Details of package qgis in sid

How to publish data using standard protocols 1. Created using Sphinx 1. Web map annotations 1. Which data formats and protocols are supported in Web GIS 1. NextGIS Mobile documentation 4. Open Web map 1.

How to begin data collection in your Web GIS 1. How to delete data 1.

Simple collector documentation 5. Un-mark any of the optional sample datasets and click Install.


qgis 1.8.1

Open Terminal and edit your repository list:. Creating WFS services 1. External WMS services 1. How to export data 1. However, there maybe occasions that you will be prompted to provide administrative account details.

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NextGIS Web documentation 3. Description and Main Features 1. Download the frameworks and installer from the QGIS download page link given above: Edit a feature qqgis a Web map 1.

Update your Ubuntu machine. The instructions below are for Ubuntu Karmic Koala version. How to change the look of your Web GIS 1. NextGIS Web for developers 7.

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Table Of Contents 1. Establishing Web GIS connection 1. How data is managed 1.

qgis 1.8.1

How to edit data 1. Install all the required frameworks by double-clicking the. Organizer of data collection: How to upload data 1.

qgis 1.8.1

How to create Web GIS 1. It is assumed that you have administrative privilege in your system. How to plug in Web map annotations?