This is great for myself and those who build the presentations, but it’s a struggle for volunteers. It is also a dependable video playback device. No gradients, no ability to lock the position of text boxes while still being able to edit them. You are commenting using your WordPress. Stable build – with only rare crashes maybe 2 in 4 years it is one of the most stable presentation software products I’ve ever used with this range of abilities. I use MIDI to unmute my soundboard channels for video clips. The cloud sync option uses Renewed Vision servers and costs a small monthly fee.

propresenter song library

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Using Dropbox to keep ProPresenter Libraries in sync – Tech Ministry

Pro6 has an auto-saving feature that would create a lot of file conflicts if we attempted to share the exact same library folder across multiple computers.

It is also a bit buggy but that could just libdary because we don’t do software updates as often as we should! Also I like that the search function brings up libtary based on title and the content of the documents. Displaying slides is simple, but troubleshooting, on-boarding, etc.

My least favorite part of Propresenter is also one of the things I love-double edged sword I guess. Features best in breed feature set, rock solid stability, and volunteer friendly ease of use allowing you to display worship librray, Scripture verses, video playback, PDF chord charts, Stage display for lyrics and timers for on stage talent.

The software is easy to learn and easy to use.

propresenter song library

I have not encountered any better program for this purpose. In the beginning you may just need the basic functions but as your organization grows, Propresenter has all the tools needed to grow with you.


It is extremely adaptable to various software inputs and provides a consistent, easily operated central system for everything. ProPresenter offers a lot of different ways to make the presentations look and do exactly what you want them. We really like using a stage display in addition to the regular output. As a church we have volunteers running Propresenter for our services which includes songs, motion backs, announcements, Bible passages, etc. Is it possible to share Library-folder, Support-files and Media-repository with dropbox?

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If you need to make changes to a song arrangement, please keep in mind that any edits to the text on a slide are global and will be reflected in all instances of that slide across all arrangements. We are not an overly large church, so there are certainly features and modules that we have not even began to use.

The audio sometimes peopresenter out or gets out of sync. Everything moves of doesn’t fit any longer. The other computers see the bundle file almost immediately and they can then be imported to get any new changes needed.

Our children grew up and so weren’t traveling with our ministry anymore, but we still needed someone to run the laptop with all the different kinds of media we use – so ProPresenter with ProRemote was the choice we made.

Just import it and set it up as you want it to look on the slides. It is difficult to find loaded resources for last unplanned minute requests such as loaded testimonies, videos, propresejter.

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I don’t expect that to change, and it may not need to for the company to be successful, but it makes you ask if it’s really better to support PC use if the support is inferior. Worship and Arts Pastor. Some features such as the reflow editor are powerful, but seem to suffer from being overly complicated, which keeps me propreeenter using them.


propresenter song library

Overall our experience with ProPresenter has been positive. But what do you do when you have multiple ProPresenter computers in multiple venues and rooms across the campus or ministry? If you need a basic display system for your church this will get you going right away without a hitch.

propresenter song library

We use ProPresenter during our church services and events to display Bible verses, song lyrics, informational slides, etc. Ya know the mega church display setup It’s been generally very positive, particularly on the Mac.

Riverview Church Productions

It will allow you to do this on videos though which is very nice. With the multitude of bands at Riverview, we use arrangements to keep our songs consistent and organized from week to week. The other church libarry to full HD-capable hardware, and ProPresenter allowed us to take full advantage of our setup. I can confidently say that the majority of the people actually running your program are not paid to do so, and have had little to no involvement in the design of the presentations that they control.

The browser feature has never successfully worked for me when it would have come in handy with online polling websites.