September 2, at 7: When an advertiser wants to make a purchase, they use a few pages that are included in the plugin. You can also specify a date range to display for the stats. I have tried many ad management options, but yours is a jewel. Once you save your settings, you are provided with both PHP and Javascript code you can insert into your pages. All you need to do is accept and approve the ad to run.


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I have more than made enough to pay for OIOpublisher a few times over by simply selling the ad space. When I did have success, I was usually paid a percentage of what I actually charged.

Simply asking a question in the OIOpublisher forums is enough to get the author to help you solve any problem. Installation was very simple, and the ads just sell themselves.


April 8, at 8: September 2, at 7: It is well worth the investment. The fee is low enough that you can easily make oiopubliher up quickly by selling the ad space on your site.

When setting up space for advertising, you are provided with many options that allow you to configure the space. He usually responds by the next day.


All you need to do oiophblisher accept and approve the ad to run.

Is OIO Publisher still active?

The alternative to such a service is using OIOpublisher. The Javascript code allows you to use your ad spot on another web site or blog. Buying OIO is the best investment I have ever made as a blogger.

What are the benefits? Some of the options include the following:.

Alternative to OIOpublisher

How did you include your site traffic statistics in oiopublisuer purchase page? There is nothing wrong with using such services, however, you will be paying a percentage of what you make to the service. When the request is oiopub,isher, the advertiser can then use PayPal to make the payment. I manually add my statistics in the purchase page by editing the template, which can be done from the WordPress dashboard. Information such as ad clicks, and ad impressions are recorded.


I very much like this plugin, even with the price, as it provides a very easy way for me to sell private advertising space on my blog. In this post I look at OIOpublisher and what it provides in terms of advertising for your blog.

Once you save your settings, liopublisher are provided with both PHP and Javascript code you can insert into your oiopublisheg.


When providing private advertising on a web site or blog, the authors of the sites would usually turn to online advertising oiopubblisher, such as AdBrite.

You can display your own ads in all your spots if you choose. It also provides access to the marketplace, which helps bloggers engages with advertisers. Pay for an upgraded feature set to my site.

It sends me an e-mail once someone has made a purchase, and then I will follow up. At this price it is a steal and I would recommend everyone try it out. You can either search through the documentation yourself, contact customer support, or ask oiopblisher question on the forum.

Alternative to OIOpublisher |

Support is free, and one-click updating is available with OIOpublisher. You only need to choose one. OIOpublisher keeps track of stats about each ad spot that is purchased.

You can also specify a date range to display for the stats.