Water cooled, electrically operated, reciprocating. Allows the lighting to remain on for no more than 2 hours when an override is initiated. Allowable fan system bhp. Facilities that employ condenser heat recovery for space heating or reheat purposes with a heat recovery design exceeding 30 percent of the peak water-cooled condenser load at design conditions. Mechanical ventilation Same as proposed As proposed, in accordance with Section Gravity nonmotorized dampers are permitted to be used in buildings less than three stories in height above grade. Suites shall have a control meeting these requirements at the entry to each room or at the primary entry to the suite.

nycecc 2010

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Spaces where an automatic shutoff would endanger occupant safety or security.

Individual exhaust fans with motor nameplate horsepower of 1 hp 0. Tools 2001 permitted to be approved based on meeting a specified threshold for a jurisdiction. Equipment operation and maintenance manuals. This determination should be based on the climate zone and the projected interior humidity level in the building space below. Constant volume can be modeled if the system qualifies for Section Where multiple rating conditions or performance requirements are provided, the equipment shall satisfy all stated requirements.

nycecc 2010

All inspections shall be performed at the sole cost and expense of the owner. Zones or supply air systems where at least 75 percent of the energy for reheating or for providing warm air in mixing systems is provided from a site-recovered or site solar energy source.

Zones where special pressurization relationships or cross-contamination requirements are such that VAV systems are impractical. When using R -value compliance method, a thermal spacer block is required, otherwise use the U -factor compliance method.

The temperature shall be capable of being reset by at least 25 percent of the design supply-to-return water temperature difference; or.

Energy Conservation Code

Design applicants are required to update their drawings, including the energy analysis, when conditions result in a design change during construction Section ECC Single- zone Residential System. Additionally, the controls shall have a manual override that allows temporary operation of the system for up to 2 hours; a manually operated timer capable of being adjusted to operate the system for up to 2 hours; or an occupancy sensor.


For systems using purchased chilled water, the chillers are not explicitly modeled and chilled water costs shall be based as determined in Sections The wattage of all other lighting equipment shall be the wattage of the lighting equipment verified through data furnished by the manufacturer or other approved sources.

Section Building Mechanical Systems. Economizers shall be capable of providing percent outdoor air, even if additional mechanical cooling is required to meet the cooling load of the building.

nycecc 2010

An alteration or renovation to an existing building or structure that 1 is listed in the New York State Register of Historic Places, either individually or as a contributing building to a historic district, 2 is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, either individually or as a contributing building to a historic district, 3 has been determined to be eligible for listing in either the New York State or National Register of Historic Places, either individually or as a contributing building to a historic district, by the New York State Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, or 4 has been determined to be eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places, either individually or as a contributing building to a historic district, by the United States Secretary of the Interior, need not comply with this code.

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GBEE – Greening the City’s Codes & Regulations – Energy Code

Construction documents shall be prepared in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 1 of Title 28 of the Administrative Code, the New York City Construction Codes, including this code, and the rules of the department. Alternatively, design loads shall be determined by an approved equivalent computation procedure, using the design parameters specified in Chapter 3. VAV with parallel boxes: All Other U -Factor a.


All longitudinal and transverse joints, seams and connections of supply and return ducts operating at a static pressure less than or equal to 2 inches w.

nycecc 2010

In cases where both a general building area type and a more specific building area type are listed, the more specific building area type shall apply. Lighting designated for dusk-to-dawn operation shall be controlled by an astronomical time switch or photosensor.

The following buildings, or portions thereof separated from the remainder of the building by building thermal envelope assemblies complying with this code, shall be exempt from the building thermal envelope provisions of this code: For systems using purchased hot water or steam, the boilers are not ncyecc modeled and hot water or steam costs shall be based on actual utility rates.

Sleeping units in hotels, motels, boarding houses or similar buildings shall have at least one master switch at the main entry door that controls all permanently wired luminaires and switched receptacles, except those in the bathroom s.

Energy Conservation Code

Where the use of a space changes from one use in Table Such sensors and controls shall not have an override switch that converts from manual-on to automatic-on nyccec. The work or installation shall then be reinspected or retested by the approved agency. Multiple zone HVAC systems must include controls that automatically reset the supply-air temperature in response to representative building loads, or to outdoor air temperature. Units must also include an IID, have jackets not exceeding 0.