Hi Shawn, you have to download WB 5. The query result will be displayed in Resultset window shown below. In comparison to the old application what you have now is counter-intuitive. We can also edit the data table or records as shown in the following Figure. The following is the Restore page.

mysql gui tools 5.0 r17

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I would encourage the WB developers to do some basic usability evaluation! If you need to stick to MySQL 4.

mysql gui tools 5.0 r17

Hi Steve, are you sure you are running Workbench 5. We can stop and start the MySQL service here. The following is User Administration page. Only if you want them and your editor supports them.

Index of /pub/Etersoft/[email protected]//Database/MySQL/tools/

It displays performance indicators graphically, thus making it easier to determine and tune server settings. Now it is the other way round.

Windows installer splash screen will be launched. Hi Shawn, you have to download WB 5. Thanks go out to the community for the great feedback, new ideas, and myssql reports on Workbench. But the initial download was a bit confusing.


Great migration and evolution! Accept the License Agreement and click Next. At this stage you can create and manipulate a database, populate it with data and manipulating other database objects such as tables and records using MySQL GUI tools.

Just leave them in the current downloads at least and mark them as no longer under development.

But we would rather like to fix the bug you are seeing on your machine. Next, to save the changes, click the Apply Changes button. It feels like a few of the other free or low-cost SQL GUIs that are out there, so I wonder if the goal was to be as unusable and overfeatured as they are.

mysql gui tools 5.0 r17

Please could you change Save button behavior? What a step backwards for everything. Thank you for our help. The following is the backup information page. I loved the MySQL gui tools because it was easy, straightfoward and most of all it did the job.

MySQL :: MySQL GUI Tools Bundle: Archived Downloads

But now I have .50 idea how to make the workbench display a DB and run queries on it. You can follow what have been shown in the following Figure.


It makes life more difficult for new r71 users just getting started today. If its in beta…. Click Install if you are ready. Publisher Listed Programs Release Date: That does me no good.

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The for my important functionality is NOT available, as server-health and musql on a database and have an idea about the size of all tables inside, and the size of the indexes,…. We did not call this version 6. The main window is neatly organized and each function can be accessed from the left panel. Is there any plan to add that in the new tool?