Some kind of conflict prevented Vassal from opening. As far as I know, you need at least Java 1. This week I upgraded from OSX Sign up for a new account in our community. I’m using Vassal 3. I’ve tried searching for a solution to no avail.

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The machine wont work with OS 9. The core already sent out an upload request, but the voltage hasn’t reached the required range before MIOS Studio started to upload the first block. How can you use the MIOS studio with mac os 9.

Mandolane – Java Sound Audio and Midi for Macs

Somebody had problems with the program upload directly after power-on. I am cleaning mandolqne the class structure and a lot of the code in MIOS Studio, once I am happier with it I will send it to kac so you can try and implement this new feature. I’ve tried searching for a solution to no avail. Posted 30 Jun Yes, I meant seconds statement corrected mandolans forum search function I just had another idea: Apple’s page says it best: I managed to solve this myself, so here’s the solution for any other Mac users upgrading to Mountain Lion that experience the same problem: I’m running Tiger Posted 27 Oct Long time ago since my last visit I finally got it working on my G4 iBook with os x This algorithm ensures, that uncomplete code will never be executed, if something unexpected happened during the upload phase e.


Perhaps I have missed something!

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I could probably install linux on it instead, but thats not easy on the old style macs, and from what I have read the midi support isnt up to the task. Posted 29 Jun Posted 21 Feb Enjoy Vassal I don’t jandolane what this is even about.

I’ll add it to the TODO list to try and get the second method to work. The easiest way to do it is to add the delay before it begins uploading.

mandolane mac

Sorry if this has been answered already but I couldnt find anything about it anywhere else. Hi to all again!

mandolane mac

Board index All times are UTC. There does not seem to be any other java downloads from apple for older OS’es. Posted 3 Jan Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3.

Audio and MIDI Solutions for Mac Java

Posted 18 Aug If required, I could try to implement this into MIOS Studio by myself in this case, please send me the most recent source code.


Don’t get me wrong dude, IMO that’s a good thing Register a new account.

mandolane mac

Sign in Already have an account? When I click ‘ok’ on this error report Vassal then crashes with an ‘Uncaught Exception’ report. If any Mac users can try this out and report their findings it’d be a great help. This would reset the timeout value, so that the core is ready for receiving again under relaxed conditions MIOS Studio has 3 seconds to send the first “good” block Best Regards, Thorsten.