Short answer, press tab in-game. OK, I can launch a game but where are the controls? Nearly all games that saved their high scores in the original arcade machine also do the same in MAME. More FAQs may be added as time permits or when the thought occurs, so check back occasionally. The parent file is usually a much larger size than any of its clones. If you’ve ever set up the parent version of SFIII3S then you’ll know about the time consuming CD rewrite operation the game has to run before it can be played. A definite must see for all newbies.

mame plus+ 0.132u1

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What about gun games like Terminator 2? To remedy this, users simply need mamme locate a compatible qsound. The CD rewrite normally only needs to be done once, unless of course, you delete the 96MB sfiii3.

mame plus+ 0.132u1

;lus+ only other thing is that some games like Terminator 2 need aiming to be calibrated before the game can play. Also keep in mind, MAMEUI has no local plis+, they only offer their latest release for download, so, depending on the timing, it may be worth waiting for the official stable release before you start building a serious game collection.

Launch a game and press tab to open the in-game menu. Using a current version of MAME means you may be able to play some games that were broken or unavailable in older versions.


MAME FAQs – Mame Addicts

OK, I can launch a game but where are the controls? Not every game that is able to be downloaded is actually playable in MAME. Is this the same for all games that need a BIOS? The main default controls needed for the menu are: If you get missing files on a BIOS audit then jame know it’s incompatible.

Get the parent version and try again. Seems a bit small doesn’t it? What about other analogue control games? Also take note of the User Interface section inside Input general to start learning the hotkeys, such as ‘P’ for Pause.

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Yes, for older MAME versions the same principle applies. It’s all good because the more you mess around with the tab menu the better you’ll get at using MAME. You only need one copy of neogeo. Is this the same for all CHD games?

Assuming you want to use a controller for most games, always have one plugged in before opening MAME and make sure it’s recognised in your PC’s devices. A game search should follow automatically. Games aren’t much use if you can’t control them.

Also remember to ‘Run as administrator’. This will help cut down on having multiple topics with the same subject. Because of this there are certain games such as Gauntlet Legends, etc, that currently will not run in MAME at full capability on average PC technology as the requirements for creating an accurate emulation environment are simply too high.


This should be easily done with the mouse configured properly and a decent knowledge of the tab menu. How do I use cheats?

Mame Addicts

This is for newer versions of MAME and comes as a double zip. A definite must see for all newbies. Setup the controller globally first, then customize the controller for individual games as needed.

It’s best to stick with the official releases which have no letter “u” in the version number, eg. Firstly, make mamee you’re using a MAME build with hiscore. Whether it’s a racing game with steering wheel and foot pedals in the original cab, or a game with some other analogue device like a trackball or dial, it can be a matter of personal preference which control method you end up choosing.

Again, this requirement has been removed from newer versions of MAME.

mame plus+ 0.132u1