Many — myself included — went to see the film in search of a part of our past, a part of our childhood. Even those children who did not have to leave their schools, however, also felt the imminent threat of being attacked. New kids on the block. Despite his apparent flaw, Korolmoosh was the only one who believed in the children and their capabilities, at a time when their parents were too involved with their immediate realities, such as jobs, finances, social statuses, and appearances. Fearful for their safety, many parents decided to either school their children at home, or simply leave for quieter parts of the country. As beautiful and calm as the city seems to be, however, it is closed off from the outside world; nobody is allowed to venture beyond the city walls.

madreseye mooshha mp3

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If, 30 years ago, heroism among the mice was defined as prevailing in a dire situation, it has now come to be defined by looking beyond the horizon and possessing an unquenchable thirst for learning. Finally, the wait was over and the mice had made their way to Washington, D.

Madrese Mooshha

City of Mice 2. In their attempt to keep their secret and look after the kitten, they befriend a mole, Korolmoosh, a wise and benevolent character. However, the madrfseye of the children in the first movie differed considerably with how it was portrayed in the sequel.

It was at the height of the Iran-Iraq War that Boroumand, her team, and a young director by the name of Mohammad Ali Talebi began making Shahr-e Moosh-ha, which became an instant success upon its release.

madreseye mooshha mp3

While mainly encouraging the culture of learning, every episode contained little incidents that were somehow related to what Iranian children would encounter on a daily basis in a state of emergency. The film was born out of a popular television puppet show, Madreseh-ye Moosh-ha School of Micewhich madteseye for three years.

Social media was buzzing, and old episodes of Madreseh-ye Mooshha were the subjects of many posts. Upon hearing the news, everyone agrees to leave the town. The little mice are happy that school has been cancelled, and disappear from the classroom in the blink of an eye, only to appear in a storage room filled with walnuts.


The messenger also reminds everyone that their forefathers had always wanted to build a big and beautiful city surrounded by greenery and good weather: The opening scene of Shahr-e Moosh-ha is a long shot of what seems to be a dusty old town, and cuts immediately into a classroom full of energetic little pupils practising their multiplication tables at the top of their lungs. Fearful for their safety, many parents decided to either school their madredeye at home, or simply leave for quieter mposhha of the country.

Taking refuge in the school laboratory, the children refuse to hand over the kitten, and are saved in the end by Korolmoosh, who leads them out through an underground tunnel.

madreseye mooshha mp3

The first generation of the Revolution, just like the little mice, did not have a choice, either; in other words, they became the obligatory heirs to the Revolution, and the consequences of its political instability.

Concepts such as living frugally, foregoing indulgences, and health and safety were a few that the show often highlighted.

Bright Mice, Big City | REORIENT – Middle Eastern Arts and Culture Magazine

The ostentation of the new film was something almost foreign. Meanwhile, the parents discover the kitten and declare a state of emergency in the city. Darkened windows, makeshift bunkers, and sandbags were enough to instill fear in the hearts of school kids across the country. The story of the residents of a city under fire who were forced to leave their homes in order to escape a fearsome enemy resonated with everyone, and instilled in us a sense of uncertainty about the future.

City of Mice 1 and 2 can be regarded as simulacra of Iran during different periods in history.

madreseye mooshha mp3

Aside from conspicuous differences in the appearances of both cities — one, old and almost archaic, and the other, modern — the heroes remained the agents of change. It was the children whose ingenuity, optimism, bravery, and determination ultimately saved the day. As in the first film, Esmesh-o Nabar is defeated, and goodness prevails. We sat in our seats with our eyes glued to the big screen, as the camera slowly took us into the lives of a group of brave, madreeye, and loyal little mice who embarked on a dangerous journey they hoped would eventually lead them to safety.


Even those children who did not have to leave their schools, however, also felt the imminent threat of being attacked. Angry young mice still from the first City of Mice. If only this was the accomplishment of the little mice, then I, for one, am beyond grateful.

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While they playfully indulge in eating the nuts, the grownups listen to horrifying news that will forever change their lives. Not only did City of Mice 2 reacquaint many with their past albeit not as many had expected it wouldbut also connected generations across geographical borders. In the darkness of the theatre, amongst whispers, the sound of people breaking sunflower seeds, and the familiar smell of sausage sandwiches wrapped in cheap parchment paper, we, the first generation of the Revolutionwere transported into a world not drastically different from the one we were living in at the time.

The little mice in the second film may not have been successful in capturing the hearts of the likes of me as their parents did, but they did succeed in finding a brand new audience amongst our children, and promoting amongst them progressive values.

Many Iranian children continued their education at local schools in remote villages and tents, and — to their delight — in mixed-gender classes. Our ideas of the old, dusty city and the humble characters we had known for so many years did not correspond to their new counterparts.