German audiences love it. The photo made music history — as did the “Abbey Road” album for which it was taken, the last recorded by The Beatles. The release, in late , would have been impossible back home. A meeting of the peoples via music rather than political confrontation is the musicians’ notion. Music ‘The Secret Handshake’:


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Ramzailech’s members soon became aware of the risk their Iranian colleagues were taking, observed singer Gal Klein.

Langtunes Tour Dates & Concert Tickets | Bandsintown

Their sound could be described as global rock music. On stage, langtunse two bands work astonishingly well together, reported project manager Elmaz Almiraslani after the concert in Leipzig.

They hope their concerts will serve as an impetus for a more peaceful interaction – not only between their respective homelands, which are bitter enemies. The earthy, passionate voice of the small town battler in the Langtnues, Springsteen became one of the best stadium concert performers of all time with his E Street Band and remains a global rock music icon. But that didn’t stop them from going through with their tour. The four musicians live and work in the Iranian capital Teheran, where langtnues or publically performing Western music remains an offence punishable by law.

Klezmer band Ramzailech builds musical bridges.

Langtynes person’s safety is paramount. In the background, a white Volkswagen Beetle. Ramzailech is a source of “hard core klezmer,” and the yiddish texts with a daring mix langtunees traditional Jewish klezmer music, punk and rock ‘n’ roll are well received.


Together with the Israeli band Ramzailech, Langtunes recently launched an exceptional concert tour, starting in Leipzig and moving on to Hamburg November 19 and Berlin November 22 before winding up in Frankfurt on December 3.

‘The Secret Handshake’: Why an Israeli and an Iranian band are touring together

Send us an e-mail. InIsraeli klezmer band Ramzailech happened to be touring Germany. That’s what brings them together, said Behrooz: The photo made music history — as did the “Abbey Road” album for which it was taken, the last recorded by The Beatles.


British voters, it seems, stay polite even when they are angry: The political situation between their home countries is tense, but that didn’t stop an Iranian and an Israeli band from jamming together.

Musically, the two bands hail from utterly different worlds and fan cultures – but both are from the Middle Langtynes. In itself, the virtual project “The Secret Handshake” – for which the two bands initiated a net-based crowd funding campaign – could have landed the Iranian indie rockers who call themselves Langtunes in jail.

I’d say we have much more in common than we do with the Germans, for example. Music lanhtunes Secret Handshake’: When a vast movie theater near Berlin’s central Zoo railway station was revamped and opened on September 18, with the premiere of Ernst Lubitch’s “Madame Dubarry,” a German cinematic alngtunes was born.


At this point, Ramzailech and Langtunes share the stage and their audiences. Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter.


We don’t see anything political in it,” says singer Behrooz. At an estimated cost of 30, euros, the hastily-mounted crowd funding initiative met with lively interest in the online langtunees. Sure, we’re afraid, but clearly that doesn’t stop us from giving concerts. We use cookies to improve our service for you. Both bands play fast, Oriental and virtuosic.

The perfect music for your company event!

They cultivate it, dredge it, excavate it and pave it. How did the Yiddish band name come about? Please include your name and country in your reply. But before they’re translated from German, here’s a peek at the titles that are seen as this year’s best.

COM in 30 languages. In they briefly toured in Germany and stopped in the Turkish city of Istanbul.