The files will be in c: Views Read Edit View history. Your sample program uses one map. Using Statement Templates makes this task faster and easier. Invokes the requested build operation on that processor 4. Defining a program After you have created a new container for your parts and set your preferences, you can begin developing a program. Refer to the “Appendix B.

ibm visualage generator

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Now the ivsualage are all evenly distributed in the top portion of the Window. The New Part Package window is displayed 1 0. Defining an SQL record” on page This is the same record defined in “Chapter Select the Part type Program 4. The second number is the number of the column your cursor is in.

IBM VisualAge Generator – Free download and software reviews – CNET

Creating a main function Main functions provide the basic structure of a VisualAge Generator program. A working storage record holds temporary and intermediate data values that a program uses while it runs.

In the Available Editions pane, select the latest edition name and select Finish. Generating from Templates Using VisualAge Generator Templates standard functions significantly enhances developer productivity by relying on a model-driven appoach that industrializes the development process. While you are defining a map, you can change any of your previous definitions. Any reference to an IBM product, program, or service is not intended to state or imply that only that IBM product, program, or service may be used.


Click on this symbol to collapse the section next to it. Adding an action to the Cancel button When users select the Cancel button, you want the Customer Information window to close.

Ibm visualage generator download

You can also use the Back button to sequentially remove changes that you added, change a step, and then use the Next button to add your selections back in. Double-click on any VAGen part to open it in the appropriate editor. Lisa Lasher Figure Updates are available from the VisualAge Generator Web page. Defining the processing logic You can also sort them by name. The package called tutorial is displayed under the VGTutorial project on the Projects tab. This feature analyzes program interaction, both in call frequency and amount of data passage, to determine the optimal split of logic across the target environments.

ibm visualage generator

This exercise focuses on the following tasks: If you have not already connected to the database, you will be prompted for an ID and Password.

Visual and non-visual parts that are available with VisualAge for Smalltalk can be used in VisualAge Generator GUI clients, including Web Access parts, Lotus Notes parts, report parts, and an entire catalog of third-party parts, available through the Object Connection program.


ibm visualage generator

Figure 90 shows the panel you will define. You’ll also use this palette to place VisualAge Generator data and logic parts on the free-form surface where you’ll connect them to your visual part.

From the Tools menu, select Distribute Horizontally. You define variable fields by dropping variable parts on the map presentation area. Change the label to reflect data item name. Production Builds the source code and related program objects from the part definitions during this phase.

In this section of the tutorial, you define the constant fields, variable fields, and arrays on the map. A new set of wizards and help guide you through the task of building basic method logic object scripts in the target language 0ava or Smalltalk.

You can specify the user interface characteristics and logic flow visually by doing the following: Double-click on the connection you just created.