Bsusvier added 7 new photos to the album: She usually keeps herself cool and collected, but not antagonizing herself. Sayuki’s characteristics match that of a cool-dere. Already have an account? Not only that, but already more then 30 likes for this page! Kadenz fermata ported to PC as part of La’cryma’s 10th Anniversary.

fortissimo akkord bsusvier english patch

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In a post-war mangrove surrounded island, there exist a magical ritual, one that requires a sacrifice between twelve selected magi before thirteen hours elapsed every occurrence of akkore I-Space: Disaster of a release.

fortissimo akkord bsusvier english patch

What would happen in case SakuraGame got out of business, say got bankrupt. To be released in Is that suituation special or could it happen in this case aswell?

We want to get the English subtitles as acquate as we can this time, you can see our improvement in Fox Hime Zero.

Can pursue, cannot obtain. So there still could be hope for Fortissimo then? Say a localizer A gets a license for VN X. I know it’s a stupid question, but I really have no clue in these matters as I don’t know much about legal stuff. Now they must participate in a battle they cannot avoid. Mythical Magic another justice A fight that no one had expected.


Originally posted by Suja:. You need to be a member in order to leave akkor comment.

Before long, the truth will begin to lead one to a sad fate. Then there is garbled sentences that are just difficult to wrap your head around, or quasi-philosophical mumbo jumbo out of nowhere which would be a ding against the VN, and not the translation to be fair, but it could definitely be more natural. YoxalLoyal Mar 21, 6: Alright, yes, that’s certainly true.

All this really needs is a proper editor. Sections of this page. This is ONLY to be bsusvief to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. The pre-order bonus was a costume code for the game to allow some characters in the game to wear different costumes from the science adventure series Chaos;Head Noah, Steins;Gate, Robotics;Notes, Chaos;Child.

Some old guards would probably be asking the question, is it really okay to plug such poor translation projects? Words cannot describe how happy I am right now.

The license rights may or may not be transferable. Umi has a carefree and innocent nature, mabye due to her being a shrine maiden.


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Edited May 26, by bakauchuujin. What interest me was some descriptions of the characters’ abilities I read elsewhere.

fortissimo akkord bsusvier english patch

She deals with family matters differently, however, showing her soft side easily to the point that most characters are taken aback. Basically, the aspect ratio is wrong. Why do I have a feeling the append patch isn’t coming out this week?

The only good thing about this release was the ero artbook, but even that was in grey-scale, which was a disappointment.

Fortissimo FA to be “Translated” to English by SakuraGame – Visual Novel Talk – Fuwanovel Forums

The limited edition included a soundtrack CD and an cm metallic paper knife. Who is online Users browsing this forum: SakuraGame will get more attention and it’ll increase their sales. You may also like. Out of curiosity, how does this relate to the game being hard to translate?