An organization can have single sign-on by using the same global accounts across all the domains. This section is not applicable to Unisphere v1. Once you enable support options using an EMC Online Support account, you have access to new support options. This step took quite a bit of time to complete. Figure 18 Support page in Unisphere Unisphere v1. There are numerous widgets that can be selected and you can customize the ones that are most useful for your environment.

emc unisphere client

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Multi-domains allow an organization unisphege have a single view of their storage environment while accommodating a variety of login options. For example, on a Windows 7 client, the settings would be stored at this path: Create global users with the appropriate roles from the Domains tab in Unisphere.

For example, if you select the Storage menu, the task pane contains wizards that perform tasks such as LUN provisioning and File System creation.

Start the ECC Console ii. Make sure that all checks have passed before proceeding with the upgrade. Unisphere has an extensible architecture.

Download Unisphere Client by EMC Corporation

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Note that I shut down our ECC application server for the duration of the upgrade on the repository server. Managing numerous file and block systems to meet unksphere constantly changing storage needs of applications is very complex.


emc unisphere client

The information is presented via bar-graphs that list the overall capacity and the file capacity for the systems. If you already have global users from your CLARiiON environment, you do not need to create new users; you can map the existing users to the Celerra system. You do not need to change your current domain master.

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Client stations can point to the IP address of the Windows server, download the UI applet, and start managing the environment. All other trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. To provide the global user a different role for the Celerra system: The Unisphere Server accepts requests from client stations and processes those requests locally through the Windows server.

Table 3 on page 33 provides a complete list of features that are supported by each Unisphere version. Verify the following services are running before beginning the UB14 installation: We have everything running on one repository server, your environment could be different.

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Figure 5 Top navigation bar Task pane Unisphere uses task-based navigation. Using Unisphere integrated storage domains, an administrator can easily add multiple systems to a storage domain and view that storage domain immediately from a single Unisphere instance.


In a multi domain, VNX and legacy domains are linked with multi-domain connections. The following services must be stopped: You need to upgrade to Release 30 Unisphere v1. Unisphere Client is a complete standalone version of the Unisphere UI applet. The remaining sections describe the interoperability of Unisphere with existing components in the storage environment, any limitations, clisnt outline a step-by-step approach to implementing Unisphere in current environments.

emc unisphere client

The features that are not shown in this matrix are supported in all versions of Unisphere. Reboot hosts, verify ECC services are not running.

Verify that all agents are running and are at the correct patch level. Mapping global users in Celerra A reboot is not required after installing the Agent and CLI. EMC Online Support credentials and access to an outside network are required.

Unisphere client software

The following is a step-by-step procedure for installing Unisphere v1. Manually back up the ECC folder to another location 3. If clinet encounter any errors, a few common install issues are listed.