From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hansteins Verlag, , v. By the fall of , most of the Oberstift had fallen to Ferdinand’s army and many of Gebhard’s erstwhile supporters—including his own brother—had returned home. Victory required traveling from one fortified and armed city to another and investing time and money in one of two outcomes. The Godesburg came under attack from Bavarian forces in November Gebhard’s eventual defeat changed the balance of power in the Electoral College of the Holy Roman Empire.

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Out of options, Buchner opened negotiations, using those interned in the castle as hostages.

Respublica-Verlag, [], v. Amidst fy flames and rubble, Arenberg’s and Ferdinand’s troops tried to storm the castle, but found their way blocked by masses of debris created by their own explosives. The scale of involvement of such external mercenary armies as Spain’s Army of Flanders set a precedent that internationalized contests of local autonomy and religious issues in the German states, a problem not settled until the Peace of Westphalia in Gebhard’s defeat also changed the religious balance in the northwestern states.

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By late Octobermost of the Oberstift had fallen, although he still held the Godesburg, located near the villages of Godesberg and Friesdorf, the formidable fortress at Bonn, and the fortified village of Poppelsdorf. The dispute had broad implications in the political, social, and dynastic balance of the Holy Roman Empire. Seeking to wrest control of an important fortification, Bavarian and mercenary soldiers surrounded the Godesberg, and the village then of the same name, now Bad Godesberglocated at its foot.


Furthermore, by the late 14th century, the fortress had become the repository of the Elector’s valuables and archives. In the south, however, Ferdinand’s troops hunted the soldiers Gebhard had left in possession of such Oberstift villages as Ahrweiler and Linz ; Gebhard’s troops were forced out of their strongholds, hunted through the countryside, and eventually captured.

The stone is a block of black marble with a Latin inscription commemorating the construction of the fortress by Dietrich I von Hengebach in The others who were left in the keep—men, women and children—were killed. The unabashed intervention of Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, English and Scots mercenaries in the war, as well as the influence of papal gold, changed the dynamic of internal German confessional and dynastic disputes.

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The defenders still had the advantage of height and would be able to shoot at attackers from multiple towers and defensive positions inside the walls. Michael’s Chapel in the castle’s outer ward, filled the chapel with dirt to reinforce its walls, and placed some of their artillery pieces mrelo the walls.

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Mohnkopf Reprints,[]. Furthermore, the victor had to maintain and defend all his possessions as they were acquired.


Retrieved from ” https: Inaugural Dissertation, Merol of Munich,p. Other supporters were frustrated by Gebhard’s chronic inability to pay his troops, or intimidated by threats of Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor. InErnst of Bavaria became uncontested Prince-elector of Cologne, the first Wittelsbach to hold the position. Geschichte Godesbergs und seiner Umgebung. At the following sunrise, the assault began anew.


By using this site, you agree to frecp Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The forced labor of local peasants minimized losses among Ferdinand’s own troops, but many of the peasants perished in the effort. The residence was unusable, and the fortifications were mere rubble. Ernst was a product of Jesuit education.

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On top of the mountain sat a formidable fortress, similarly named Godesburgbuilt in the early 13th century during a contest over the election of ffeco competing archbishops. Ferdinand reluctantly ordered saps to be dug into the side of the mountain. Ferdinand ordered men to enter the saps; these men would storm the castle once the mine had been detonated.

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All those who remained in the keep—soldiers, men, women and children—were killed, some inside the keep, some in the courtyard below; the slaughter lasted well into the night. In the case f the latter, no quarter would be given to the defenders and the victorious soldiers were released to pillageplunder, and sack.

In an effort to garner financial support from the Protestant states, in November he wrote to the Archbishop of Canterbury, in London: Princeton University Press Calendar of State Papers Foreign, Elizabeth. Habicht Verlag,p. Once his position erop secured, he invited Jesuits into the territory to help re-establish Catholicism, a task which the Order approached zealously.