SuperDIR is an advanced but simple to use directory lister. Deduplication free download – SourceForge. This program is easy to use and will analyze both local and network hard drives. It is also capable of formatting and duplicating removable HD like Iomega Zip drive. Modify database entries at any time. These files can be backup files created by many applications, temp files not removed by Windows or other programs, files with a zero-byte size, old Internet cache files, plus many others. Moreover, it still remains extremely easy to use.

diskdupe 5.1

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Some of its features: Another click and those images can be readily duplicated to as many diskettes as desired. The siskdupe guy also wrote Drive Wizard uploaded.

With a single click, NBL DiskDuplicator will read in floppy disk images, track for track, and save those images dlskdupe your hard drive. The tasks includes, resizing partitions, extending or shrinking system partition, deleting, creating, and formatting partitions, etc.

Freatures include advanced data compression, data encryption, sector skew optimization, diskette image conversion, self- extracting diskette images, recognition of non-DOS diskettes and more.

DISKDUPE TRIAL FOR WINDOWS : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

djskdupe Add deduplication and compression to an Linux server. Added a file named “0” to the ZIP to allow upload it, as Vetusware says the file is “too small”.


Allows restricting search based on date, size, attributes, etc. This project is dedicated to open source data quality and data preparation solutions.

Phproxy Url Form 0. Can password protect shelling to dos.


Windows Server – Msreport. There are tons of options for how you can communicate and who you share things with, so you can keep everyone important informed about your life as easily as possibl In Windows 95 it uses a special kernel mode VXD to get maximum accuracy by bypassing the file system.

New downloads are added to the member section daily and we now havedownloads for our members, including: More Information – Ghost Home Page.

diskdupe 5.1

Microsoft did the world a huge favor when they added the deduplication feature to NTFS with the release of Windows Server DirSize displays a graphical tree of the directories on your hard drive. Files which eats up your harddisk space and very redundant. EXE Simply copy file to disk.

diskdupe 5.1

Also it can draw both 2D and 3D graphs. To any removable media such diskdupee Zip, Jaz drive or Floppy. Microsoft has some great articles on dedupe.

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Files compressed using this method have been in use on Microsoft software CDs and floppies since around. Extensions de fichiers manualzz. Replicator is a disk image utility used to create images of diskettes and catalog them in a database.


VDO Virtual Disk Optimizer is a ready-to-run software package that delivers block-level deduplication, compression and thin provisioning capabilities to Linux. Simplifying your search should return more download results. Free Download, Diskvupe, and Streaming: This program is easy to use and will analyze both local and network hard drives. Reads filenames from a diskette A or B and, with user input from menus and a file manager, produces an indexed database of files.

With just a few clicks of siskdupe mouse you can make analysis of the selected drive or directory.

DiskDupe Conversion Utility for DOS – Drivers and Software Archive

Over 10 users safely downloaded DiskDupe latest version It has all 51 features of the DIR command plus a huge array of other useful features. A great new feature in Windows Server is data deduplication. If you’ve ever wondered where all the space you thought you had has gone, then eSpace Analyst might prove very useful.