Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. Heather Grissett November 20, at 2: Jessica Breland November 12, at I’m very excited to use this. Everything seemed to work fine except when I wanted to exit the game to the Main Menu, it crashed. If you do not already have this folder, you should read the full guide to Package files first: FlowerSun August 6, at

cmomoney pose player rar

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But Open download Manager tells me that i have install their software for anything to work, commoney time I installed their software, i got a horrible virus.

Click the file listed on the Files tab to download the file to your computer. You are the best!!

Mod The Sims – Sassy Pose Pack – For cmomoney’s Pose Player (UPDATED 6/14/11)

So basically you can use EA’s and custom poses with this, but instead of using a hundred different pose boxes like we did in TS2, we only have to use that because all the poses are available when we click on it. This means that you will need the Pose Player or Animation Player mod by cmomoney installed in order to use the download in your game.


cmomoney pose player rar

Has anyone had this happen, or know what to do? Anonymous April 6, at 2: I’d like to ask if you could make a version with localized strings.

I’m still going to try it though and see if it offers much different from animator. Lyn March 11, at I’ve had this mod for a while now played it’s been really great to have. So I will be needing this feature pplayer too!

How to pose your sims in Sims 3

First, I choose the general lighting I want to have — the overall colour and brightness of the scene. Thank you so much for sharing this!

What poses did you use in the picture here. Did you install Supernatural, patches or some new mods? For me this is a two stage process.

cmomoney pose player rar

FluffyOne December 28, at 8: To anyone who patched for 1. Im just like Pat. Once you have all the above installed and running, and you have also put at least one poses package into your game, you can start using it. I’ve been having to add people I don’t want to my household just to control them for a brief vital moment in a story line.

If you have one pose player placed in the neighbourhood, the menus still doesn’t appear on the sim? The pose player is not a core mod and works with all expansions and for the people with just the base game. Thank you for the comment!


Coey Karr September 1, at I love the “look at” option: Nova April 27, at I hope you update it for patch 1. On the other hand, the poses that are not pose-list compatible, will not show on the Pose Player list. I was just playing with the pose player yesterday and was hoping someone would create a mod like this: I need more facial when posing to to comic. The Pose Player was updated and now you can see a preview thumbnail of your installed poses.

Thank you so much for this. Misu, I just ran into the smallest issue with this. We hope you like what we did, and sincerely thank you for being a part of our First Issue, http: