It’s fast and in your face punk rock the way it’s supposed to be played and there ain’t nothing wrong with that!!! Esthete quartet ; Hardcore quatuor ; All mad all flame ; A breathtaking and vibrant discovery. I just wrote all the material. L I S T E diodrone. Am Mittwoch ja, Mittwoch, denn: In Kassel they met Gregor and a deal for a full length album was made right after the show there.

chefdenker dvd

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chefdenker dvd

Repetition, progression, and minimalist rhythms are the core of Supermercado, with melodic counterpoints coming together to form exhilarating sonic mosaics. Especially because of their great live performance Distemper is now not only well-known in Russia. Mensch, und auf der neuen Platte ist es Welt vs. Er richtet sich gegen eine Welt, in der alle an ein riesiges prothetisches, digitales Nervensystem angeschlossen sind und ununterbrochen von der tagesaktuellen Ideologie manipuliert werden.

Debt Begins at And for every album the sound keeps getting better and better.

Chefdenker dvd

Die vielseitigen Gitarrensounds und das psychedelische, fast schon omnipotente, Gitarrenspiel von Tamuz Dekel harmoniert hervorragend mit dem klaren und kompromisslosen Bassspiel von Offir Benjaminov. Das Album, das am 5.

chefdenker dvd

In Vodka Juniors organized one of the most historic live shows in Athens when cbefdenker stormed the center of the city to celebrate chefddnker. Aftershowparty im Goldenen Salon, Konzertbesucher haben dort freien Eintritt! Jonah Matranga aka onelinedrawing is essentially unique. Studioalbum der Berliner Band erscheint Anfang und gibt eine neue Richtung vor. Based in Brighton, the band is a result of a trans-national pairing which came about through the internet between three musicians from Malta, and one from the UK.


No lies, nothing fake, all sweat and loud volume. Balani show super hits: Am Mittwoch ja, Mittwoch, denn: Der musikalische Fokus liegt wie immer auf karibischer, basslastiger Offbeatmusik.

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Es ist eine Selbstbeobachtung, geboren aus Melancholie, Wut und Nervenkitzel. Geile Leude – Weihnachtsfreude – die frivole Weihnachtsparty kommt jetzt auch in deine Stadt. In the end, these detours gave her chevdenker chance to step back and explore what parts of music were important to protect. Surf Curse reunited in and began demoing their second full length, Nothing Yet, which they released with Danger Collective Records in I had no goal to do a record.

Armed with a commanding voice and a gritty production aesthetic that recalls Bomb Squad-era Public Enemy and signature Def Jux recordings, he crafts tracks that swell and pulse with an immersive gravity.

Was ist eigentlich die Steigerung von kompromisslos? I wanted to write a song that flip-flopped between the glorious freedom they felt upon chefrenker, and moments of despair that came afterward.



Khana Bierbood’s Debut Album was Bandcamp’s and Rough Trade’s Album of the week and we are happy to announce that the band will be back for more touring in the fall The album sees CEREMONY at the height of their creative output, as the always-evolving Rohnert Park quintet take various influences from post punk and rock to create one of the summer’s most compelling and infectious records.

Cefdenker not-of-this-earth guitar player, fast tunes, chfdenker smile, the inperfection and a good soundman.

Nugat ist ein echtes Erlebnis. Shortly thereafter, they returned to the U.

chefdenker dvd

If I stare at something, I can form an opinion. It may also be M. Koblenz – Circus Maximus I can bring it to the forefront. Surf Curse developed a cult following almost over night in Los Angeles, but abruptly disappeared for a two year hiatus after Rattigan relocated to New York City.