This is the multiplier to overall game object movement speed. The values should take into consideration the ‘area of effect’. You need to study each of the particle systems in use in the game. This makes it almost impossible to edit by hand. This guide is an attempt to help those people who wish to make a mod for Tiberian Sun.

c&c tiberian sun rules.ini

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Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun – Unit/Structure Patch/FAQ

The warhead that the firestorm defense uses when active. This file is probably the one you will spend the most time in. They make it almost impossible to edit them by hand afterwards. The radius cells for area effect crate powerup bonuses. Add any new aircraft type at the bottom of the list.

: TibEd 1

I have used both methods to make infantry. The list should look something like this:. I think this is just Eye-Candy for the game, but it does look cool.

The combatants can be grouped according to side.

Without this, the game will crash. I have crashed the game MANY times while testing these options out.


Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun – Unit/Structure Patch/FAQ

These should not be messed with, as they deal tinerian how the unit looks under special circumstances. Adding new aircraft to Tiberian Sun is as easy as adding a vehicle or some infantry.

This section only covers the basics. Unknown, I think that this tells the computer to produce the minimum defensive teams if they have not been attacked yet. More on adding particles in the Particle section.

c&c tiberian sun rules.ini

The toberian is green. Keep a copy of both ZIP files in case you need to restore the original ini files deleting the ini files will result in the game using the default ini file somewhere on the CCTS CD – I never located either ini files on the CDs, so this is why I rely on these ini copies.

They mean different things for the different powerups.

c&c tiberian sun rules.ini

Even if they have rules files in the directory. This is the armor type of this object, they can be: This lists the various colors available. If you use the auto-update, this is the tiberiaj patch that will download.


The second parameter is the animation to use when this crate is picked up.

If this close in cells to crushable target, then crush instead of firing upon it. This was part of the ‘get them to be veterans not cannon fodder’ idea. This can be from 1 to Should be one that all sides have access to. It should jump to the listing below, if not keep going till you see it.

Is this object immune to damage, yes or no. They are ones that look like this:. It also launches the game. This rkles.ini a list of the various particle types in the game. This is the list of animations to play when warhead explodes, listed from lesser to greater damage. Game difficulty is controlled by these factors.