Everything else is already set up. We offer interesting and challenging work in an international working environment at the forefront of know-how in the field. CADmatic 5 18 CADmatic 5 manual angle cut CADmatic 5 cut-out and stress elimination cut This feature allows you to control angle cuts quickly, conveniently and precisely. CADMATIC’s digital and intelligent 3D-based design, engineering and information management software solutions are suitable for all kinds of ships and offshore structures. The software then assigns the data for usage and volume to each tool separately. The most important functions at the click of a button Especially convenient: CADmatic features a data connection to your storage system, providing the basis for completely automated feeding.

cadmatic 4.1

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This process is underpinned by an intelligent destacking concept designed to boost the efficiency of post-cut processes enormously — for example, by creating stacks optimized for subsequent processing steps.

Whenever the saw is fed, CADmatic automatically displays cadmatci current camera image, enabling you to keep an eye on everything at all times. The just-in-time optimization feature from HOMAG goes one step further than CADplan, allowing you to import cadamtic parts cxdmatic currently required directly from the office and to process them on the saw — without time-consuming manual input, and precisely when you need them.

Furthermore, it is also possible to record the camera images for troubleshooting and workflow-optimization purposes, and to forward the images to the HOMAG Service department. Which part goes where? Just select the right option for your production. This process ensures clear operator guidance, reduces routes between the saw and destacking station, and ensures optimized pallet utilization with solid stack formation. The individual parts are color-coded both in the cutting pattern and in the assistance graphic, allowing the machine operator to clearly see which of the parts already produced have been allocated to which destacking stations.


cadmatic 4.1

The integrated statistical data generator provides the answers to these and other questions so, all the offcuts required can be shown at once and can be retrieved from the store before starting production With CADmatic 4.

The answer to this question is supplied by the integrated destacking display. Available as an optional feature for the HPP cadatic In addition, it is possible to save dimension lists that have already been entered.

cadmatic 4.1

You simply enter all the parts lists and panel lists for the current order into CADmatic or import the Excel lists required in CSV file format.

The parts buffer is always used if the stack formation can be improved. The benefits for you: Tension is released via specific pre-cuts in the material. If so, you can save the respective parameters under an appropriate name.

HoloLens for Plant Projects. CADS offers a wide range of industrial electrical and automation solutions, HVAC design, including building automation design, volume and energy calculation, and a powerful modeling tool for architectural and structural design. An additional LED display indicates, at the same time as the monitor, when a cut part must be pushed onto, or removed from, the parts buffer.

When importing these lists and processing them on the saw, if the same materials are required by different jobs, they can be grouped and optimized together.

All production data is passed to the planning system in real time, allowing you to react promptly even to last .41 changes in orders and take them into account for your production planning. Version V6 – Magi.


The standard features of the CADmatic control software alone offer you an enormous variety of functions. Find out more here: Any cutting patterns created at the saw are saved and can be retrieved whenever needed, saving time and cutting costs. Our software solutions are designed to manage complexity in engineering, design and information management projects in the marine and plant industries. In order to do so, you create a cadmagic parameter list. With the optional labeling feature, you can label the results of your work with all the relevant information in time with the cuts and pass data 41 to downstream machines.


cadmatic 4.1

If you do not only process offcuts on your saw, you can now benefit from the new scanner package. In addition, you also have the option of importing cutting patterns that have already been optimized 44.1 the office. CADplan then promptly generates optimized cutting patterns, minimizing material wastage and making your company more productive.

Cadmatic 4.1 download

Current stock information from your horizontal, block stack or high-bay storage system is provided synchronously with production and is taken into account in all CADmatic calculations, allowing material usage to be optimized.

If you then want to produce a new cutting pattern, there are two options available: CADmatic allows you to define basic machine settings, known as material parameters. Depending on the number of required parts, the system suggests a certain layout and takes into account any available panel formats for the selected material.

An optional feature that sets industry benchmarks where scope for design and hardware quality is concerned, fadmatic nothing to be desired.