Analysis Paida Chikate My sister oh never mind. Mdu Ntuli and one of his Zulu Boy and Rudolph cartoons. Equatorial Guinea spends its oil revenue on prestige projects and not on health and education. Percy Zvomuya is a freelance writer and editor.

bob & queng

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Sport Luke Feltham Still restless — by this time he had dropped out of university — Ntuli moved into video with help from the well-known South African animator Mike Scott. Empire and conquest Later that same year he started a cartoon called Zulu Boy and Rudolph, a dark story about empire and conquest.

bob & queng

I love this show like ccccccccccccrrrrrrrraaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyy. Sure, money is needed but the idea is this: If I make fun of some of these people, I am going to lose business. The struggling state arms company wants to sell missiles to the North Quenh country, despite concerns about serious human rights abuses there. This was proof that, out there, an audience was receptive to what he was about.

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Africa Nic CheesemanBrian Klaas My sister oh never mind. We are sorry for inconvenience.


Why is that it can seem as if the drop goal has disappeared from sight between World Cups? Analysis Paida Chikate But Ntuli did not want a job — he has never held a nine-to-five, except if one considers the computer lab assistant job he did for about two days at Wits University.

Sizwe Sandile 3 years ago Why did he create the bb sbhonyonyo? Toggle navigation Toggle profile.


Durban team reaches Enactus World Cup semi-finals. Dwayne Masi 4 years ago Hehe. With 15 unqualified audits, Sanral is ready to ‘break the asphalt ceiling’. His mother, back in Witbank, where he was born, never got to know that her son was no longer at university. In court papers, the Financial Intelligence Centre insists that it acted lawfully in providing the information it did to the Public Protector.

bob & queng

In the middle of lectures, doodle images flitted across his mind. Mbalenhle Mahleza 7 years ago u arresting him vele kwaaaaaaa. Cartoonist Mdu Ntuli fits the template of the tortured computer nerd who, finding his uqeng suffocating and pointless, drops out of university to pursue a dream — and finds success.


Want to publish your media releases here? It does not feature the hackneyed empire builders from Europe, but Mnaka and Gogo Mloyi, two nationalists from Lesotho and Swaziland, respectively, who want to take over the dominating giant South Africa that surrounds their little countries.

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Mdu Ntuli Bob and Queng. No wonder Bob, most likely a guy, can’t stand lookin at his “ass”.

bob & queng

Drop goals, the flared trousers of rugby, back in fashion. Learning animation took him about three months.

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Zimbabwe needs healing — and its doctors are on call. Africa Tom Collins Sbhonyonyo’s dirty tricks backfire. Thabani Maphosa 4 years ago U know. Funny how many people haven’t figured out what Sbhonyonyo really is: