The music becomes more and more agitated until the largest stag calls out. The stags were not born as such animals but as male humans. The baritone solo then begins as the father pleads with his sons to come home. Views Read Edit View history. The father then pleaded with his sons to return home with him, where their mother was waiting for them with dinner ready and wine glasses filled. The father, recognizing his favorite son in the stag, begs his children to come home.

bartok cantata profana

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The composer and librettist bartko The stag then replies that they can never come home: Cantata Profana concludes with the choirs’ recapitulation of the narrative.

The work opens with an ascending non-diatonic scale: The music becomes more and more agitated until the largest stag calls out. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A Reading of the Sources”.

Béla Bartók: Cantata profana

Finding a group of fine stags gathered around a spring, he drops to one knee and takes aim. It is a simple story: As a matter of habit, he kneeled down and took aim at the largest stag his favorite sonwho surprised him by speaking — telling him that they were his nine sons, and that he should not shoot at them, since they would use their antlers to defend themselves, and the old man would not have a chance.


Boosey and Hawkes, The B section profan the procana movement, marked Allegro moltois a breathless fugue describing the hunt.

bartok cantata profana

On both CD and LP records. When their father became anxious, waiting in vain for his sons to return home, he went off looking for them in the forest, taking his rifle with him as usual. Yet the giant adjective of the first English edition survived.

Béla Bartók – Cantata Profana

The distressed father takes his rifle and goes out in search of his missing sons. The Hungarian text was first assigned to a professional poet. Retrieved from ” https: Oxford University Press, Two choirs sing of the nine sons knowing of nothing but the hunt. As the chorus finishes its retelling of the story, the tenor returns with an impassioned flourish on the words, “from cool mountain springs”.

The largest stag eldest son pleads with his father not to shoot. Primal drums and horn calls punctuate the music through this section, while the lrofana describes the hunters wandering farther and farther into the forest. Here Nature steps in and does not allow the continuation of a process whereby innocent beings, the sons, are trained to concentrate on the annihilation of other innocent beings.

University of California Press, The story is of a father who has taught his nine sons only how to hunt, so profanw know nothing of work and spend all of their time in the forest.


bartok cantata profana

The work ends as it began, with an ascending scale, but this time in an inverted form of the opening scale. Here begins the tenor solo, which is the voice of the stag imploring the father not to take aim at his children, lest they should have to kill him. The opening gesture is immediately followed by a paraphrase of the first two bars of Bach ‘s St. As the father sees nine fine stags at a spring, he takes aim with his rifle.

Ashgate Publishing Company, Skip to primary content. This tale carries the implication of irreversibility.

bartok cantata profana

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In the manner of a Greek dramathe chorus interjects the father’s recognition of his sons.

Whether the stag’s final wailing cry is one of anguish and loss or of exuberance and freedom depends bwrtok one’s own perspective. Here the transformation occurs and the boys are turned into stags.