The singer has brought in excerpts from four Oothkadu kritis into her rendition, as a Ragamalika. Of all human emotions, is this not the most painful? My young one, a doctor?!! Naturally, when I married, left India and marked out one corner of my kitchen bench top as the altar of my new home, I did not look for a picture or idol to represent Him. Hope is what keeps us living from one minute to the next, of taking one step after another. His description of the dancing Krishna is beguiling. Ragam Thanam Pallavi Raga:

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Here, we too look gladly at rain, so this song is very appropriate.

He wears dhAranam golden kanaka clothes ambara. In this ever-changing tableau, even the Gods have no permanence.

Viruttham Enna Kavi – Kannanum Kandhanum – Aruna Sairam – video dailymotion

I found the subject interesting so got a bit carried away… Today I bring to you a sairak about Radha written by Oothukadu Venkata Subbaiyer Enna Kavi Padinalummy song choice for today, speaks of despair. He is honoured by his devotees. Somebody to take out part in life? Note how the violinist Lalgudi Jayaraman, the Maestro whom I love and admire to the depths of my heart, wrings pathos out of every note. Narayanaswami Aruna Sairam M.


Such beauty padinwlum in danger of the evil eye, is it not? He is heaven for the wretched. Svara Sahityam 3 She whose loved one manasija is possessed with yuta an expanded vikasita splendour ujjavalawith beautiful dhavala rays kiraNawho tore apart radana his enemy riputhe despicable nindita stork sArasa, refers to Bakasura.

Tagged as VallalarVedanayagam Pillai. I personally prefer brisk renditions as the scale seems to become even more joyful arhna rapid execution. Sanskrit is a great language for multiple meanings!

He is faultless anagham. Dr Neelakandan learning from Mr D. If that is true, then this may well be the paidnalum known mention of Radha. May the Goddesses apdinalum their eyes on all of you! Kondavil Sivathasan Bavithan Nadaswaram video. LordMurugan devotionalsongs south Indian classical neelamaniraga Bhajansongs Subscribe to our channel and support us.

Of all human emotions, is this not the most painful? There is a mention of her in Prakrit literature e.

She is not mentioned in Mahabharata at all, nor in Srimad Bhagavata Purana.


Aruna Sairam – Works – MusicBrainz

And so an extraordinary thing happened to me. Gopalakrishna Bharathi lyricist, composer. Arriving at a place under severe drought, Dikshitar sang this song. Here are a few renditions that I particularly enjoy:.

He goes on to saiarm Her compassion, entreating Her to bring us rain. I load them merely to facilitate access; they are not downloadable. Alas, I was wilted and wounded! Of course dating these ancient works is futile as these were fluid works which were transmitted in an oral tradition, developing into their current known form over time.

Viruttham Enna Kavi – Kannanum Kandhanum – Aruna Sairam

He has one Eka radanam or dantam tusk. Enna kavi padinalum video Enna kavi padinalum. This belief in the evil eye is widespread in India. To know more about the raga, click here.