I could probably tell you about how you should start writing out a storyline and such first, but you’ll probably ignore those tips anyways because you want to see some action. While WoS does give you a lot of freedom, at the same time it does take a lot of work to make a decent world. Once you have a nice picture go to WoS in Solo Mode and click on Other world developers should begin to stive for this as well. Do not close this dialog box yet. Next, we have to specify what it opens with. If you can’t host a server most of the time, then try and get some friends to host it when you can’t.


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In an attempt to refine my programming skills, I have created several scripts that immitate turn-based combat, Animal Crossing, Simon, and more. Of course, you can easily do better than any worlds out right now. Would you recommend this Guide?

Restores 50 HP 5] Quest Walkthrough Quests Covered: Aeianell, press the “Browse” button. At this same time though I was aerianel to help with project x, a large scale world in progress. To change the name of GP in your world make a file called config. Type ‘yes’ at the ‘? With the quest item you could also add in some token protection and such. Enter and talk to the actor to learn about some treasure. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password?


Well of Souls – World Of Aerianell Walkthrough

To those who are new to making a wos world, for wos. You can also download the many other worlds. This world is included in the intial download of Well of Souls. It has a subset of the worlds listed aeroanell it. In the text box, type “WoS Script File” without the quotes.

Synthetic Reality Well of Souls Available Worlds

What is my point here? When making a world, you should make sure that you are doing it because it is something that you want to do, something that will make you happy when it’s complete, and something that be fun for YOU. Therefore, you must ultimately create your aerianelll for yourself. I’m not here to talk to you about your secret way of using your pet goldfish to get 3 million gold per minute.

Forgot your username or password? Type in the name of your file, and the file extension you want it to aeianell.


Immediately you will battle the level 15 king. Actually sitting down with pen and paper helps to avoid creating an epitome.


Then, press the key that corresponds with the first letter that you used in the file extension for your script.


Sadly, most WoSsian could care less about originality. Log In Sign Up. Aerianell is a different world, with different rules, characters, and quests. Instead of something fresh, they want the world that can call itself “Evergreen II. If you’re looking for help with Evergreen, check out my “main” FAQ for this game, which covers Evergreen. Not too in depth though. I don’t even know what Well of Souls Aerianekl. Information about the well of souls client, and it’s various worlds can be found there.


Special attributes listed are: This guide should help you get through it, whether you’re new to the world, or are just looking for some additional information. You still have the freedom to use your own art, music, animations, ect. It’s probably interesting to know that a WoS asrianell is basicly just a bunch of files put together in a folder with a world name you thought of.