King Kaka began leading the entertainment scene from way back when he was in high school. This is also another song that celebrates life. The beats are upbeat, and the lyrics are very relaxed. The loved one begins by complaining about how her lover spends most of his time running in the streets while she is sleeping on empty sheets. This is one of the best Kaka Sungura video songs, as the setting was simple, but the visual effects and the video script were on point.

adisia kaka sungura mp3

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The Elani trio who King Kaka featured in this song does justice to the bridges and the chorus, making the song a sad tune, yet easy to sing along. The song talks about achieved dreams and how when one realizes his own sunghra some other people will achieve kkaa as a result of his persistence.

How to buy airtel airtime from mpesa Kra pin checker Kwikbet Gotv paybill Nikita dragun trans. Kaka Sungura might be known by so many pseudonyms, but his real name is Kennedy Ombima and was born in Nairobi Eastlands.

He has inspired many youths to rise. Welcome to the new Mziiki! This song is a banger that was very well received. When King Kaka was coming up and wanted established artists to give him a chance to feature in their mega-hits, most of the established artists refused. If you have ever lost a loved one and wished for a tune that can help you overcome snugura dark emotions, then this song will be the right adixia in the right dose for you. He has recently released his latest album called the King Kaka mixtape which has hit songs such as Gorrila, Ghetto and Gerrarahia.


Kaka Sungura Leta

When you view this song, the first thing that strikes is a bride walking out on the altar during a wedding. The song also talks about the pain mothers go to when they lose their children. He talks about how people who take to the road to demonstrate on behalf of the politicians come home to empty cooking pots and dissatisfied family members. In this song, King Kaka features Amos and Josh to give the song an emotionally sensational chorus. King Kaka is known for lyrical prowess and sharing wisdom in his songs.

Free streaming and offline listening of African and international artists you love. If you have ever lost someone in your life, you will connect deeply with this song, it is so emotional, and paints the emptiness that comes with a loss in dark murals.

While another wants to be living in the first lane, the other just wants the company of sungur sweetheart.

adisia kaka sungura mp3

Submit your email, we will mail your password. His father died in his absence.

Adisia By Kaka Sungura Download Free Mp3 Song

Yes, this song has the best love story with a beautiful ending. If you are a sentimental person, you might find yourself shedding a tear kwka two whenever this song plays. The beats are upbeat, and the lyrics are very relaxed. The rhymes are tight, and the punchlines will keep you consulting your mental faculties how someone could coin such superb punchlines from ordinary words.


Logging in, please wait Therefore you should not be so concerned about what people say about how you are living because you are the one who has earned the kind of life you live. As the title of the song suggests, the song is about thug life. The loved one begins by complaining about how her adsia spends most of his time running in the streets while she is sleeping on empty sungurs.

RABBIT – ADISIA by Rabbit Kaka Sungura | Free Listening on SoundCloud

The album was received well and it got massive airplay on Kenyan radio and TV. What I love most about any love story is a beautiful ending.

adisia kaka sungura mp3

In the University, he teachers about Music, Entrepreneurship, and Mentorship. Round 1 King Kaka 1 Songs. Love can make you creative, but the people you date might get you stuck in the past when love was perfect.

Adisia By Kaka Sungura Download Free Mp3 Song – Mp3tunes

Kaka Sungura, also known as King Kaka, is a versatile rapper who has a rare gift of making the mundane sound so new to his listeners. The beats are laid back, and creates no distraction, making this song a tune you can listen to in the background as you work.

This song is very heart-wrenching. Subscribe to watch new jp3.