Send us your Registration for a License! It was freeware with an honor system of paying if you like it. Most likely, it will not come out like you want it to. Including the user can now create, analyze and adjust and save the Reference Spectrum Preset as needed, therefore creating your own sound. It works better than expected. This took awhile, but I now see why.

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If you attempt to load a song that’s 5 minutes long, the program aborts. It would master one song mastwring a time. Forums Posts Latest Posts. Every other computer you have 2 or more computers as a registered user there is a half price discount. I would masering use mastdring download for sure, unless you want Adware installed on your computer and the settings on your internet browsers changed. Cons It’s not perfect.

So you get an fast impression of how AAMS looks. At each step you should be able to tweak the settings EQ, compression, loudness. I have gone to great lengths to self-master my various CDs out there in the void. Your financial info is never given away to sellers. This is perfect for me, since I wanted a consistent album, as far as the audio is concerned! Basically, the software was failing toadequatelycheck what it was trying to do.


Auto Audio mastering System (AAMS)

Listening to what it does against the various “references” it seemed that the “modern. Buggy tools running with elevated permission is a bad idea. The “Spectrum” tab allows you to view EQ diff between source and chosen ref. I’m very close to purchasing. The negative numbers below the meter shows the reduction in level. Are there other free mastering options?

The hardest part is that you have to choose an EQ curve from the included database that will be used to EQ match your song. Virus and Malware Free!

AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System Free Download

I put it to the test. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. Version Comparisons Windows Problems. Cons It won’t compose mastdring songs for me! Master Batch Analyze Files, create a new reference or source out of multiple analyzer files. I helped construct a million dollar studio that immediately went bankruptand have been recording more years than I would care to admit.


It also widens the stereo image slightly in my case but this also depends on the reference i used. Tools, Sample Cutter Fader, Added. AAMS does a good job.

Please allow a maximum of 48 hours for us do our adminstration and send you the correct Keycode back. Both of them give me errors of one kind or another when saving data files.

AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System

Of course many believe that mastering should be done manually and not automatic. It might just work for you.

When mastering songs we want to keep the LUFS range to be the final range by that particular streaming service. Moreover, our requirements go beyond all standard standards. Izotope allows more ways to effect the final master with stereo widening, exciter, etc.