Having done that, click on the Start button or orb and in the search box type regedit and hit Enter. January 11, at 1: This will open the Registry Editor. XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work. July 9, at 1: What country are you in?

3mktplace wp8

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March 9, at 7: Is not this possible by just changing Region and language under settings?


Submit to XDA Portal. October 19, at January 17, at September 26, at 9: You can bet, that many 3mkyplace in India are going to be really disappointed if they realize that they are unable to access the Marketplace, via their cool new Windows Phone! You saved my money.

Got my two apps installed and visible. Keep up the good work!!

Access Marketplace, download, install WP7 apps on Windows Phone from India

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3mktplace wp8

Shows everything in Rs. I still get the message: June 27, at 6: March 4, at 8: I have therefore created this registry file which I first double-click on, to add its contents to my Windows registry, and then connect my Windows Phone to my Windows 7 computer.

WPAppPatcher vb (Application/Game Patcher) | Windows Phone 9

Currently, No, this tweak only works using the desktop Zune software. Some are reporting that this registry hack is no longer required to install Windows Phone 7 apps using Zune software, 33mktplace India.

What country are you in?

3mktplace wp8

3mkrplace So I go back and master reset and boot the phone with the primary American ID but then it does not sync. September 26, at 3: Hello, I would like to share a windows app, kind of a parallel market for desktop that allows you to download almost any WP7 application, and convert it automatically into.

You can only re-install them via WP7.

Access Marketplace, download, install WP7 apps on Windows Phone from India

First download and install the free Zune software from Microsoft. But I see right now that my version of Zune is 4.


January 12, at 6: July 15, at January 11, at 1: I also received a m3ktplace mail from Microsoft, giving me a statement of my purchases. Got my copy of The Oregon Trail on his money. Great work man, its working thanks a lot.

The MP Enabler solves the problem partially, we can install the apps but does ap8 work for games at all. The reason I tried the suggested workaround is different. This way both Marketplace and Xbox Live will work.

3mktplace wp8

Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. December 29, at